Back to cloudy winter days …

After the past several days of sunshine, the weather has turned again. The méteosuisse forecast cloudy days with intermittent rain and a drop in temperature until the end of next week … haizzz. But to kick-start this grey weather, we had some snowfall yesterday … yeayyy! 🙂

It was nice to see some snowfall again … although I was getting a little sick of it when it did not stop snowing for nearly two weeks in the first half of December! But the snowfall did not last long … and although there was quite a bit of snow on the ground, unfortunately, it did not last very long either … as the rain that had followed the snowfall later washed it all away.

By this morning, not a single speck of snow could be seen on the ground.

DSCN0836 A

It was very misty yesterday after the snowfall had stopped. And the mist continued right until the middle of the night.

DSCN0837 a

It is nice whenever there is a thick mist at night (of course when I am not outside lah) … as there is a kind of mysterious feel to the night atmosphere whenever I see the light from the nearby street lamp trying to shine through the thick mist.

And today …


… this is how it had been : very grey …


… and also very wet … and possibly how it will be until the end of next week. No colour at all.

But hopefully, the sunny days will come again … because when the days are quite sunny, there is a higher chance that we can see beautiful colours in the evening such as these …

DSCN4991 A


DSCN5011 A

The beautiful evening skyline on 29th December … which we have been lucky to see a few times for the past 2 weeks.

For now … I will just have to bear with the grey weather again lah … although the possibility of snowfall where we are is something to look forward to. 🙂


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