Plant update in winter …

It might be a slow and quiet period right now … and I might still be waiting for that suitable time to start sowing those seeds that I bought and received … but gardening work still continues even in winter lah! And in case you wonder how my plants are faring this winter … well, here is a an update on them. There are not many … but definitely more than I had last winter.

This is how many plants that are left growing inside of the balcony door as of today.


Only the tropical plants remain to bask in the winter sunshine : pandan (which will soon be joined by their new siblings which have arrived from Singapore recently!), lemongrass (which is in need of another trimming) and curry.

DSCN5149 A

Although growing very slowly, the curry plant is doing well … just as I like it … as I would not want it to grow too fast since I do not use the leaves often!

DSCN4944.jpg pepino melons

This pepino melon tree was shifted outside a few days ago after I had picked the ripe melon and brought it to the parents for them to try over the New Year holidays. It was their first taste of the pepino melon. However, this time I found the taste to be a little bland (maybe because it did not get enough sunshine?). As for the smaller melon … it did not grow any bigger from since when I first brought the plant inside (as you can see in the above picture taken before the New Year). So I decided that I might as well leave the plant outside since it is highly unlikely that this tiny melon is going to get bigger and ripen properly even if I continue to care for it inside. But I decided not to cut the small melon and let nature take its own course!

As for the tomato plant which I had brought inside …

DSCN4941.jpg Tomato plant

… it continued to grow very well indeed … and in fact became very, very tall until it reached the ceiling! And I could see flower buds continue to form as it grew taller.

Unfortunately, despite continuing to flower none of the flowers buds actually developed into tomatoes! Instead … the flower buds would wilt and they dried up, much to my disappointment … even though I tried shaking the flowers to get them pollinated (a trick I read from the internet). So, finally I decided to cut it down a few days ago even though the hubby kept telling me not to do it! But still … I could not find it in my heart to throw it away altogether.


So, I decided to stick some of the cuttings into a pot of soil and hope for the best. If they start to root and continue to grow … wonderful! But if they do not, well … no sad feeling lah since I would have thrown them anyway! But from the look of them today, they seem to be doing fine for now. 🙂


But of course I had to cover them so as to protect from the cold weather. And here are the other plants growing outside. As there has been some sun these few days and the temperature remains above 0°C, I decided to remove the covers on these plants (except for the tomato cuttings).

After all, I read that Swiss chards are supposed to take the cold weather relatively well. So … unless it starts to snow or turn frosty … I will let the plants enjoy some fresh air and sunshine whenever the weather permit.

Some salads grown from seeds (left) which provided us with some fresh salads in winter and self-seeded mint seedlings (right) which were transferred from several pots into one. There are two types of mints growing in the same pot.

DSCN5152 A

And this is the content of one of the mini greenhouse shelves that we had set up on the balcony. The content is always changing a little as I shift pots around. But for now there are mostly strawberry plants, including strawberry runners and seedlings  … as well as some rockets, chives, thyme and Christmas cactus.

DSCN5158 A

The content of the other mini greenhouse shelf. More strawberry plants here … as well as a small pot of carrot, oregano, chives, lavender, rockets and garlic (in the two rectangular planters).


One of the strawberry runners which was re-potted into a bigger pot actually bears fruits despite the freezing autumn and cold winter. This is the second strawberry from this runner plant. How about that! 🙂

And I was also glad that I did not throw away my pots of rockets when they started to become straggly at the end of summer … but instead transferred some of the cuttings and divisions into these milk bottles and cut off the tops once the root systems have stabilised. They are now sprouting lots of new leaves … which means that I might not even need to start sowing a fresh batch of rocket seeds for this year! Soon I will have to re-pot the one on the right before it become pot-bound.

And last but not least …

… both my basil and rosemary are doing fine, too. In fact both were flowering … especially the basil even though I keep pinching off the flowering tops whenever I happen to see them at watering time.

So … that sums up the plants I have growing in winter this year … at least the edible ones. Soon it will be seed sowing time … yeayyyy … 🙂


6 thoughts on “Plant update in winter …

  1. Thanks CB, Happy New Year to you, too! Hope 2013 is starting fine for you and the gang. ps: Wait till spring and then you can say that I have lots of plants. 🙂


  2. Thanks wanG, happy 2013 to you too! Alahhh, garden I cuma sekangkang kera aje. Balik2 pokok yang sama tu jugak yang I tunjuk! 🙂


  3. Alaa Ros, pasal ada 2 greenhouse shelves, that’s why! Kalau tidak, tak juga. Tahun ni nak kena cari idea macam mana I boleh tanam sebanyak mungkin.


  4. sukaaaa sangat whenever baca your garden updates..hehehe..wishing u a very happy and prosperous new year 2013….;-)


  5. Walaupun musim sejuk banyak juga tanaman yang masih hidup. Tentu penuh your balcony bila you dah mula bercucuk tanam sehabis winter nanti.


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