All ‘seeds’ for the brand new gardening year in 2013 … !

Oh yes I am all seeds … oppps … I mean all set for a new season of gardening this year. Cannot wait! 🙂

The months of November and December were a busy period for me.

  • There was the medical checks and scan which I had to do to check on the lump that I have at the side of my neck … not a nice experience but fortunately it was a benign one! Alhamdullilah
  • There were also the many rounds of fêtes at the parents that we had had to go to … which were nice despite us feeling guilty for overeating during such fêtes!
  • And then having to tidy and clean the gardening stuff on the balcony … which is tiring work and not as fun as the sowing, planting and harvesting!
  • Last but not least, it was the time when I get to be very busy browsing online seed catalogues and ordering those seeds that caught my fancy … which I lurveeeed doing, on the other hand! hehehe …

And the result of getting  myself over my head in ordering online?

DSCN5126.jpg A

I am now the happy and excited owner of all these seeds which had come all the way from the US and the UK! Errr … and a confused one, too lah! I counted that there are close to 50 different types of seeds here … far too many for me to try to grow on our balcony, even though our balcony is not very small!

Not only that …

DSCN5138.jpg A

… there are also all these seeds that I had got from friends who shares the same love for gardening … which came all the way from Singapore and Malaysia! Oppps …. so change that to a ‘very confused’ gardener who will be having a hard time trying to decide how she is going to try to plant all these seeds as well as which of these seeds is she going to choose to try to grow this year!


My dear friend Nit even brought me a fresh batch of pandan (screwpine) plantlets as well as curry tree seeds … as spares in case the ones I have growing at home fail to last through the winter! So kind of her, no?

And do not forget that I still have many, many leftover seeds from last year’s batch … plus those that I had self-collected from the plants in summer! Hmmmm … what a challenge I have set for myself this year, huh? But a most pleasurable challenge. 🙂


And I am sooo happy that the daddy-man has helped to repair the handle of this wooden trug that I had found outside a shop more than a month ago. It would have been quite expensive to buy … but except for the broken handle, this trug was in excellent condition and I think it must had been used merely for display purpose as it was nice and clean. I am excited to use it for putting my garden harvest come this gardening season!

Okay … now I have to start planning my balcony garden for this year. 🙂


2 thoughts on “All ‘seeds’ for the brand new gardening year in 2013 … !

  1. Tu lah Ros,, I dah terlebih beli. Itupun masih ada 2-3 jenis yang I teringin lagi nak beli. Tapi selain dari pegaga, I rasa yang lain tu tunggu tahun depan lah. Kalau tidak, sayang dan membazir kalau tak ditanam pasal tak ada tempat! I pun doakan semoga pokok2 tomato you berbuah supaya you dapat merasa!

    Wooden trug tu memang boleh buat pakai untuk taruh roti atau muffin. Tapi kalau buat pakai kat garden I lagi bersemangat sikit nak berkebun! hehehe … 🙂


  2. Amboi banyaknya seeds yang you beli..! Boleh buka ladang kalau nak tanam kesemuanya. Mesti pening kepala nak pilih yang mana satu kan ? Petang ni saya akan alihkan anak pokok tomato hasil benih pemberian you ke dalam veggie patch yang saya buat sabtu lepas. Moga-moga ianya dapat membesar dan berbuah dengan jayanya.

    Nice wooden trug you tu….bukan sahaja boleh display sayur-sayuran, letak roti atau muffin pun cantik. Happy gardening..!


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