Spending the new year holidays at the parents’ …

We have been at the parents’ since New Year’s Eve … and shall only be going home tomorrow evening … if there is no another change of plan, that is! We stayed up until very late on New Year’s Eve to welcome the new year and although the mum had hoped to go out on an outing on New Year’s Day, we had to stay home as the weather was not very nice on New Year’s day, unlike last year … it rained (albeit not heavily) almost the whole day.

This was not the case today: it was very sunny … so that the mum was able to go out and do some walking at another lake after lunch. But before that … while the mum and I were busy preparing falafel for  lunch … the hubby made himself busy, helping the daddy-man in the copse (or small wood).

Cleaning the wood

A little father and son bonding time … while tidying the copse down near the river. The daddy-man has been working hard at clearing and tidying the copse for a few days now. It is a lot of work maintaining the copse … so every helps count!


The parents’ part of the copse looking very tidy indeed. Interestingly, the father’s effort at keeping this area neat and tidy has rubbed positively on the neighbours (on the left), who have also decided to tidy up their part of the copse! Nice! 🙂


The barbecue and pétanque areas … looking tidy … and which would also means less mosquitoes when the weather warms up!

Unfortunately, I did not take any photos of our lunch nor of the dinner we had for the New Year … so I cannot share any pictures on our meals. But for our treats today, we had the following …


… chocolate log cake made by the mum for tea! It looks good, does it not? It tasted equally good, too!


It was really light and the fresh fruits made it a healthy one. The mum spent quite some time on the cake: 6 hours, apparently. However, it did not take that long for us to demolish the cake! 🙂


And then in the evening, we decided to take advantage of the fire burning in the chimney to roast something.


Some chestnuts … and they were yummy, too!

Hmm … it is amazing how times flies and the second day of 2013 is already about to end! Although it is a little late, however, I would still like to take this opportunity to wish every one a Happy and Blessed 2013!


6 thoughts on “Spending the new year holidays at the parents’ …

  1. Waah bestnya Kak Maz, going to Keukenheuf. Let’s hope the weather is kind this year, so that you will get to see all the beautiful flowers in Keukenhof in end March … and also the rows and rows of tulip fields on the way there! I was there when I was in my twenties, and sampai ke hari ni masih boleh ingat how pretty the garden was. I went there in April at that time.
    Oh dear, so sorry to hear about your bay leave tree. Hopefully it is still ‘saveable’. Pasal seeds tu, just email me your address and I will send you some seeds that I collected in summer. Pasal postage, tak pe … bukan selalu hantar so its ok, not to worry!
    Enjoy your Sunday!


  2. Ya Ros, tengok betapa bersihnya cerun dua beranak kerjakan, rasa kagum juga tengok.
    CT we went in a group. 17 of us, half Indonesian-we end up speaking like Indon.
    Now, we are planning to Keukenhof end of March since it’s school holiday then to London.
    We will go to Swiss again, insyaallah (remember, we semua had fallen in love with Swiss) .
    You are so sweet. You boleh hantar the seeds bila you balik Singapore. Mahal postage from Swiss.
    Sekarang nak buat gardening, mood tak ada.
    My bay leave tree (almost 6 feet high), semua daun kering bila balik dari Shanghai, rasa nak menangis. Trying to save it now. Yang pelik, the rest of plants semua ok,
    Have a good weekend.


  3. Kek tu memang sedap Ros and very light. Cuma nampak macam leceh nak buat (6 jam kata mentua I), tu yg tak kuasa nak minta resepi! Dasar pemalas nak masak! hehehe …


  4. Thanks Kak Maz for the New Year wish. Paul and I wish the same to you and your family, too. Actually, my MIL segan to have the photo of the cake shown on the blog because she said it had started to collapse, but I thought it still had looked nice … and tasted very yummy!
    I am very glad that you enjoyed your trip to China. Pergi sendiri or with a big group? So, is it confirm that you might come to Switzerland again? 🙂
    ps: just wonder if you would like to have some tomato seeds? I can send you some.


  5. Syukur alhamdulilah, sejuk perut ibu mengandung dapat anak dan menantu yang baik pekerti. Betul kata Maznah, kek tu nampak sangat sedap.


  6. CT & Paul, a very happy new year to you from all of us here. May the days ahead bring rahmat dan berkat from Allah to you both.
    The log cake looks really really good, I had a good laugh when you said ‘demolish the cake’. We just got back from Shanghai, Suzhou & Hangzhou, We had good time although it rain most of the time. .


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