My white alpine strawberries …

I suppose the title says it all. I am happy to report that the alpine strawberries that are growing on the windowsill of my living room are … of a white variety! yeayyy …

I did not think I could be so lucky … but, thankfully, the seedling that I had decided to bring inside so that it could continue to grow during winter is of the white variety instead of the usual red. The packet seeds were bought as a mix between the usual red and the more unusual white alpine strawberries. So I just took a pinch of them to grow and prayed that among them would be some white strawberries … and there are! Nice … šŸ™‚


This is the strawberry plant that I had brought inside to be placed on the windowsill in the living room … and which I got to grow in a milk bottle.


It was 22ndĀ November when I took this photo. The strawberry plant had already started flowering with a few strawberries beginning to form … but I had no idea whether it was a red or while alpine strawberry at the time. I was hoping it would be of the white variety but I had feared that it might be the more common red variety.

DSCN4223.jpg White strawberries

And this was taken two weeks later Ā … when it showed very clearly, much to my delight … that the strawberries were white!

DSCN4320.jpg White strawberries

Here is a clearer shot of the tiny white alpine strawberries!

DSCN4219.jpg White strawberries

They are even smaller than the tip of my finger … which is actually quite small, as the mum and the hubby often like to say to me (probably because their hands are not that large, either!).

DSCN4949.jpg White strawberries

And this is the second bunch of white alpine strawberries from the same plant growing on the windowsill, as they had looked yesterday. Ā I had transferred the plant into a larger pot last week so that there would be more room for the plant to grow … and so that the soil would not dry too fast in the heated living room.

DSCN4952.jpg White strawberries

Taste-wise … I have to say that the first white strawberry that I tasted was a little bland in comparison with the red varieties that I had grown on my balcony. But from what I have gathered from reading some forum pages on the Internet, sometimes the taste will get better with later flushes of strawberries … so I am not ruling out this white variety yet!

Anyway, I decided that I would try to grow my collection of these tiny strawberries. So I have bought the seeds of another white alpine variety … as well as that of a yellow alpine variety to try to grow in 2013! Well … actually, I have also bought the seeds of a few other variety of red strawberries … but only those with pink and red flowers! Since I intend to grow more strawberries, I thought that I might as well grow those varieties that are less common … it makes sense, no?

DSCN4955.jpg alpine strawberries

More of the alpine strawberries from the same batch of alpine strawberry seeds … but ones that I left growing outside. Not as big and no flowers for the time being … but it could be because I did not bother to separate them and replant the seedlings separately. Still, I suppose that comes spring I should be able to expect some tiny strawberries from them … I hope! šŸ˜‰

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