A white Christmas … not …!

True to the weather forecasts, it is not a white Christmas this year. After all that snow and snowfall at the beginning of December, the flurries chose not to fall when its presence would be most welcome … near and on Christmas time! In fact, it was very sunny and warm yesterday … with temperatures rising nearly 20°C in some places in Switzerland! Unfortunately, it was a little overcast today and very windy. But at least it did not rain!

The nice thing about Christmas this year is that it fell on Tuesday … so that the hubby got to enjoy a long break from work … from last Saturday right until Wednesday (Christmas plus the day before and after) … unlike last year! And since he works from home every Thursday, he will not have to go to the office until Friday. And then it will be the New Year … which means another long weekend holiday, yeayyyy … 🙂

We had our big family meal yesterday together with the hubby’s younger sister and her family … and a smaller (but still quite big) meal today with just the parents and hubby’s younger brother. So as you can imagine, I feel quite bloated with eating too much food! argghh …

Okay … I am not going to write much but I am just going to share some photos that I took yesterday.

Some of the appetisers for yesterday’s meal. I helped out with the ones on the right which were made of pita bread, humus, red onions and pomegranate. They did not only look lovely, they tasted good too … and were a hit with everybody! The mum found the recipe from a newspaper and thought that they would be perfect for Christmas as they looked quite festive. So she waited until I came so that I could help to make them … which was a good thing, since I now know how to make them! 🙂

Oh yes … check out the little Santa which the mum had made herself and given us last Christmas. She asked that we lend it to her so that she could use it …

… for this!

It is just a simple wreath using the pines taken from the wood at the back of the house … but something that the mum had wanted so as to brighten her door for the festive season. It did not take me too long to do the wreath and after she had put some red shiny balls on the wreath, I thought it did not look too bad. Well … at least the small Santa served some useful purpose lah! hehehe …

And if you noticed from the first picture … there is also an interesting looking potato which I found in the potato basket when I went to take some potatoes to make chips (or French fries).

Does it not look like a heart to you? 🙂

The parents decided to prepare fondue chinoise (Chinese fondue or steamboat) for this year Christmas meal. In addition to the fondue, we also had chips and garlic bread … apart from several appetisers, which included fresh oysters (which is a family favourite for special occasions, but certainly not mine, so I never touch them!). As you can see by looking at the background, there was no snow at all for Christmas  — unlike two years ago.

And these are some of the desserts during last night’s meal … which also included tiramisu ice cream and fresh fruits.

We had more of the Chinese fondue for our Christmas day meal … but this time round paired with more chips, spring rolls and baked cardoon (which is fast becoming my favourite).

Okay enough about the food … here are a few more photos from yesterday.

Since the hubby’s younger sister and her family were coming to the parents’ for the Christmas eve meal, the parents decided to have a Christmas tree this year. These were the presents that were exchanged last night (with hubby’s younger sister’s family). And this evening we had another exchange of presents among us who are sleeping over.

Of course, it is always the children who are very excited about the exchange of presents and could not wait to check out the presents under the tree! 🙂

Thankfully, the hubby does not have as big a family as I do (at least not immediate ones) … otherwise, it would be a headache trying to think of all the different presents to get for everybody and the wrappings that need to be done! Lucky me! 🙂


2 thoughts on “A white Christmas … not …!

  1. Memang mudah, cuma I tak salin resepinya! Tapi kalau you nak cuba, nanti I boleh emailkan kat you bila I pergi ke rumah mentua I.


  2. Cantik dan menarik hidangan pembuka selera yang you buat. Saya dah cari resepinya, nampak macam mudah nak membuatnya. Saya dah cuba resepi kek apple dan kek blueberry pisang tu, nampak gayanya kek apple lebih memikat selera family saya dan akan dijadikan pilihan utama bila nak buat kek nanti.


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