A visit to Lake Machilly …

Since it was quite sunny the morning after the daddy-man’s birthday party, the mum asked to go to the Lac de Machilly (Lake of Machilly) … so that she could do some walking exercise around this small man-made lake. And since we were there, we decided to come along so as to provide them with some company. It was my first visit to this lake … and although it is quite small and is an artificial lake, it was quite pretty especially since it was surrounded by snow.

Whereas the mum and the daddy-man walked briskly around the lake, the hubby and I chose to take our own time so that we could take some snapshots of the lake. Indeed, it was a mistake on our part to let the parents to walk ahead … as I later saw the mum fell whilst trying to walk across a slippery section of the path on her own! At that time, the daddy-man had stopped to chat with two young men who were fishing on the lake. We quickly hurried to her rescue… and were thankful that she was not hurt. Poor mum.

Having lived here for a few years, I can now better understand why the hubby often reminded me to be very, very careful when walking in winter … especially after a day of snowfall, as some of the snow will melt later on under the sun and then turn into slippery ice patches once the temperature drops to freezing point, usually at night or sometimes even later in the evening. So this year, the hubby bought some shoe spikes (to put on ordinary walking shoes) so as to reduce the possibility of slipping when walking on ice and snow. Unfortunately, on that day the mum did not put on the shoe spikes that the hubby had bought for her.

Thankfully, no harm done … but I hope that the mum will not forget to bring the shoe spikes with her the next time she goes on her walking exercise!

Making a brief stop not far from the parent’s home … to throw empty bottles and cardboard boxes for recycling. And while the hubby and the daddy-man were busy putting the bottles and boxes away, I decided to make use of the time to take some snapshots of the surrounding landscape.


Arriving at Lac de Machilly … with the mum leading the way to the lake. Initially, I could not see any lake.


But it then soon come into view. Quite a pretty lake … especially with snow surrounding it.


The daddy-man and the mum … walking ahead of us, while we stopped to take snapshots of the lake.


There were more ducks than people at the lake that morning … which was nice! 🙂

The daddy-man decided to stop and chat for a while with two guys who were fishing at the lake. I do not know whether they managed to catch any fish as I did not see any when I stopped briefly to join the daddy-man there. But from what I learnt, there are fishes in Lac de Machilly. The paddock with horses is just a few metres away from the lake.


Hubby and his parents, as we were nearing the end of our walk around Lac de Machilly.

Interestingly, lately the hubby has been thinking a lot of doing a tour around another lake … Lac Léman. Not by car (although when he was much younger he had considered doing so on a bicycle) … but on foot! And no, he is not thinking of walking around Lac Léman, … but more of running a full round (some 175km) of what is considered one of the biggest lakes in Western Europe. Ambitious is he not?

But it had been done before by another Swiss … so it is not something impossible lah! Hmmm … we shall see if the hubby will get to realise this challenge he had set for himself some time ago. Let us hope and pray that he will! 🙂


3 thoughts on “A visit to Lake Machilly …

  1. Thank you very much, Ros. It will take unfortunately more than ‘good luck’; to be able to run the full course of the 175km will involve a lot of training, which is why I am still hesitating. I have until 31 Dec to make up my mind though. I have outlined the race’s history, my motivations and fears … in an entry on my blog (link available above). Anyhow, thank you again for your kind wishes. Paul 😉


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