A brief outline of the previous week …

It has been a looong while since I shared anything, I know. My apology for it … but strangely this autumn/winter (technically we are still in autumn even though the weather has made it seems as if we are already in the middle of winter!), I was in a depressive mood or sort for a while lah. The hubby had told me repeatedly on previous occasions that many people become depressed in winter … but after feeling just fine for the past few autumns/winters, I was not expecting that I would be experiencing it for myself this year!

The short daylight hours, the constant snowfall coupled with the cold, wet and grey weather for the past weeks and the health scare that I had … well, they all added to the depressive mood that I was experiencing.

But the constant snowfall has finally stopped, the temperature is rising again and getting confirmation that I did not have what I thought I might have, as well as meeting up with my old uni friend who had come here for the holiday … what a nice morale boosters these have been. The lengthening of the daylight hours that will start in a few days … that is nice, too. So I am feeling good again, thankful to the Almighty to be enjoying the blessed life that I have been given … and very eager to start and indulge in my passion once again! hehehe …

So for the past few days, I have been busy reading, ordering and exchanging seeds for my balcony garden next year! So come next year, I will have a lot of new vegetable seeds and little fruits to try and grow! I am so looking forward to it … and cannot wait to receive all the seeds that I have ordered from the US and the UK! 🙂

And to make up for the long silence … here is a pictorial outline of the previous week. I will share more photos of some of them in separate entries.

Celebrating the daddy-man turning 67 the previous weekend. The party was held in the basement … the daddy-man’s favourite part of the house (I think!) Both the daddy-man and the mum were in good spirits that night … and even danced a few times! As usual, I preferred to be a wall flower and I thus observed the dancing from the buffet table! A spoiltsport, I know … hehehe … 🙂

And then the next morning, I decided to capture the parents’ garden looking quite different all covered with snow.

In the late morning, we went to a nearby lake so that the mum could do some walking exercise, as was advised by her doctor.

On the way back we decided to do a slight detour and go looked for this dolmen near Reignier so that we could see it and take photos of it …. covered with snow.

And then back to Geneva in the evening, in time to catch the Fête de l’Escalade street parade!

Doing a little ‘promenade‘ after my medical check-up the next day … to soak up the beautiful view of Lausanne’s old town under the snow. It started to snow while we were near the Cathedral of Lausanne.

Meeting up with my uni friend in Zermatt … who was here for the holidays with her family.

And last but not least … the hubby taking part in his second night race in less than 3 weeks and his second time doing the Christmas Midnight Run through the old town in Lausanne with his bestie, on Saturday.  For more photos on that night, you can see them in his own entry here.


5 thoughts on “A brief outline of the previous week …

  1. Always adore your mum’s ‘beautiful’ meals and trying myself making my food look beautiful too.


  2. You are welcome Ros. As Paul had kindly explained, it was actually vegetable fried rice with lots of green salads and cherry tomatoes added to it … and beautifully presented. But the mum enjoys making such ‘beautiful’ meals! 🙂


  3. Yes, it was salad ‘à la Victoria’ (i.e. Vicky’s way). Mum kindly prepared some salad for us, knowing that I do not eat meat and that Sity only eats ‘halal’ meat. The middle part was composed of rice plus some carrots here and there as well as, if I recall correctly, some peas. Interesting idea … and nice to eat too 😉


  4. Thank you very much CT. Your entry really light up my day. Really miss your writing..! A nice food presentation..is it a plate of salad on the round plate ?


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