Six days and counting …

This has been the longest period … in my four years of living in Lausanne with the hubby … of seeing snow fall every day. Not continuously for six straight days … but every day for the past 6 days, the snow would fall … sometimes lightly, sometimes heavily, sometimes briefly, sometimes for hours, sometimes in big flakes and sometimes in tiny hard ice balls! And in between the lull … there would be rain to wash away some of the snow that had fallen.

It is definitely not the best time to be visiting Switzerland … because … after the initial euphoria of experiencing snowfall, you would then have realised that it is hard to go places with weather like this. Especially when the wind blows very strongly … to make the already cold weather to be felt even colder! Brrrr …

So to my dear friend Nit and her family who are here for the holiday … hang in there, my dear, and let us hope that the weather will improve next week!

A nice clear morning, Lausanne-Vennes 6 December 2012

This was how it was yesterday morning. It was the only morning in the week that I saw some sun! The rest of the week has either been grey, snowy, rainy or misty!

A nice clear morning, Lausanne-Vennes 6 December 2012

And the hubby was fortunate to be able to enjoy the nice clear morning as he was working from home yesterday. But then it started to snow in the afternoon while the hubby was doing his jog … but, thankfully, only lightly.

Another snowy morning, Lausanne - Vennes,7 December 2012

However, this was the scene … yet again, this morning. It started lightly at first … but soon turned heavy.

Another snowy morning, Lausanne-Vennes 7 December 2012

Yup, today was another day of heavy snowfall … and this time, it lasted for several hours!

Another snowy morning, Lausanne-Vennes 7 December 2012

The hubby was of course quite happy with the frequent snowfall … as, according to him, it reminded him of how the weather had used to be when he was growing up. 🙂

Snowy day, Lausanne - Vennes, 7 December 2012

The picture on the left was taken just before 11.00am (when it was snowing quite heavily) … and the picture on the right was taken 4 hours later (when the snowfall had started to slow down).

Snow filling up our balcony, 7 December 2012

And our balcony … filled with fresh snow all over again a few hours later … enough to make another ‘snowperson’! (The marks on the snow are from our feathery friends.)

Snow and mist,Lausanne - Vennes, 7 December 2012

Not just heavy snowfall … it later became very misty, too … when it started to rain a little after the snowfall.

Snowy and misty day, Lausanne - Vennes, 7 December 2012

Rain, snowfall and mist … this has been the weather for most of this week.  No colours either … just mostly grey, just as what you see on these pictures. And then with daylight disappearing by 5.00pm … hmmm … pretty depressing, no? When the weather is like this … autumn/winter is not nice at all!

But it is nice when our little feathered friends started dropping by for visits once again. 🙂

Our winter visitor, 7 December 2012

I was having my lunch in the midst of a heavy snowfall … when I saw this little visitor dropping by for a visit … hoping to have some lunch, too! Unfortunately for my feathered friend, the plastic container where I had put bread crumbs was filled with snow.

I could not help smiling when I noticed it coming all the way to the door of the balcony when it saw that there was no food in the container … and appeared as if it was peeping through the glass door! 🙂

Of course, it flew away when I approached the door to go and put some bread crumbs in the container.

Our winter visitor helping itself to free food, 7 December 2012

But it soon came back again … to try to find some free meal, a second time. Luckily, it did not take too long to come back  … because the breadcrumbs were soon covered by fresh fallen snow again!

It always amazes me to see how these birds would come looking for food on our balcony … especially outside our kitchen door … whenever the weather turns cold and snowy! 🙂

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6 thoughts on “Six days and counting …

  1. Memang tak seronok langsung Kak Maz. Bila lama sangat weather macam tu, dari rasa seronok terus jadi ‘depressed’! Tapi nampaknya cuaca akan menjadi panas balik … dan musim perayaan pun dah nak dekat. So, baru ada rasa semangat sikit.


  2. Salam Ros, I sihat alhmadullilah. Memang dah lama tak tulis pasal mood kurang baik … nanti I cerita kat email lah. Insyaallah, nanti I start ‘berkongsi’ lagi, ok.


  3. CT, looks dahsyat to me lah…..tak berapa seronok kan? Terperap dalam rumah aje, Read a novel dengan cup of hot choc best jugak kan


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