A second visit to La Berneuse … a month later …

And so we went back to La Berneuse for a second time this autumn … on the same day that we went on our chestnut gathering trip at Bouveret.

If the hubby had had his way, we would have ended up doing another full day of hiking  near La Berneuse … since we did not manage to hike to the place that he had wanted to go the first time (i.e. to the top of la Tour d’Aï for the view). But … as I was very insistent that we just had to go and do some chestnut hunting and gathering this autumn (before the chestnut season was over) … we therefore came to a compromise lah. First, we would go chestnut hunting very early in the morning … and then, in the afternoon, we would go up to the mountain of La Berneuse!

We could have gone to another mountain instead of La Berneuse … but we decided that we would go there again because …

… we had these discount coupons that we had to use before the end of October (the cable car is closed in November and reopens on 15 December)! We had forgotten that we had these coupon which we could use to pay half-price on the cable car ride when we went there in September! haizzzz …

For info, the cable car ride up to/down La Berneuse costs CHF 22 per person … not cheap (but for skiers and mountain bike riders, passes are available)! And so, since we did not have to pay extra for the train ticket from Bouveret to Leysin-Feydey (as there was also an offer for a day card valid on all mode of public transport at a bargain price until the end of October), we thought we might as well make use of this cable car discount coupon to go up La Berneuse again, since we like the place very much!

The hubby came equipped with walking sticks, hoping to do some hiking again on that day. However,  since we arrived quite late in the afternoon, and I was also feeling a little tired after a morning of chestnut hunting … he agreed for us to just stay on La Berneuse and enjoy the view from there for the rest of the afternoon.

Still … he is keen to go back there again to finish the hike that we did not manage to complete in September. Unfortunately, with the current autumn weather that we have been having and as winter is just around the corner … I am afraid that the hubby will just have to wait until next year to do so lah!  🙂

And so, here we were … back in Leysin-Feydey to take the cable car up to La Berneuse, once again! The weather was just as nice (if not warmer) that afternoon as it was a month earlier.

Upon exiting the télé-cabine on La Berneuse, we saw a group of people crowding near the edge of the mountain top. Curious … we decided to see what they were looking at.

It seemed that on that beautiful sunny afternoon …  a number of people chose to do paragliding … jumping off from La Berneuse (before the cable car would be closed for maintenance work). On this particular instance, the paragliders were a group of sisters … the youngest possibly only 12 or 13 years old! But they were doing it with professional paragliders … so it was more of a tandem paragliding lah! I really admire their courage for doing this!

After the preparation and the briefing … off they went, jumping off the edge of La Berneuse … the momentous event being recorded by the parents, who looked anxiously from La Berneuse.

After watching the girls took off to the sky and after having eaten our sandwiches as we sat enjoying the lovely view from La Berneuse … we decided to do a little walk around the area.

Since we did not get to walk near the tiny lake beside Le Kuklos restaurant on our previous visit, we decided to do so on this second visit.

The  360° revolving restaurant, Le Kuklos  … clearly reflected on the small man-made lake next to it. Quite pretty. And I saw that there were lots of tadpoles in the lake!

Another look of Le Kuklos and the small lake from a different angle.

I decided to join the hubby who were trying to take photos of Tour d’Aï, the peak across from La Berneuse (which we did not succeed to scale to the very top on our previous visit!), and its sister behind it, Tour de Mayen.

The dam (on the left) and the lake of Tour d’Aï (on the right) could be seen very clearly from here. So … on our last visit to the area, we walked down the slope from La Berneuse, walked past the dam on the left and then walked up the slope towards the slight indentation besides the rocky top of Tour d’Ai. Only when seeing it from this angle did I realise that it was quite a far walk up to the point where we had stopped before deciding to go back!

While we were looking at Tour d’Aï, two mountain bikers cycled past us to go down the slope. They were not following the dedicated cycling track but chose to cycle off the track … for the thrill of doing so, I suppose! ish, ish, ish … Well, they were not alone in chosing to do so!

As our second visit was closer to mid-autumn, we could see beautiful colours on the slopes of the mountains (Vaudoises Alps) when the sunshine illuminated the area. Very beautiful.

And just before we left, we saw another group of paragliders busy preparing themselves to take off from La Berneuse.

Making our way down from La Berneuse to Leysin-Feydey … this time via cable car!

And the view of the surroundings taken from the exit of the télé-cabine at Leysin-Feydey … not long after getting off the cable car.

Walking back towards the train station from the télé-cabine. The sunshine beautifully heightened the golden hues on the trees on this fine autumn evening.

And this was the view looking onto the valley of the Rhône and the Valais Alps (right)… taken from across the road from the train station. Simply gorgeous colours!

I know that the hubby is keen to return to the area to do more hikings … but that will not be until next year lah. In the meantime, winter is just around the corner … which means that raquette (snow shoe) and ski season is about to start for us!

But before that … I must finish tidying up my balcony first! hehehe … 🙂

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