Our visit to La Berneuse on the second day of autumn …

It has been quite sometime since I last shared photos of our excursions. I had been working on a few of them slowly … but had trouble trying to finish any. Anyway … to kickstart on the backlog of  photos that I had said I would share but did not … let me share on our autumn excursion first … which was to La Berneuse. After more than two years … we decided to pay a visit again to La Berneuse … not once, but twice this autumn.

The last time when we were up on the mountain of La Berneuse it was in the middle of winter … on Valentine’s day, no less!! 🙂 Since then, I have always wanted to go back there for a second time … but in a different season lah! I suppose you could say that I was curious to find out how it would look like when the mountains were not covered in snow … and mist, as it was very misty when we were there for the very first time in February 2010.

For those who have never heard of La Berneuse, it is a a mountain top situated above the village of Leysin … in the canton of Vaud (whose capital is the city of Lausanne, where we  live). This mountain top is especially famous for its 360° revolving restaurant, called Le Kuklos.

To get to La Berneuse, we had to take a train to Aigle … and from there changed to a regional train which then took us up to the mountain village called Leysin. From Leysin-Feydey train station … we then took a cable car up to the mountain top of La Berneuse.

It was a beautiful start to autumn when we visited La Berneuse … the day was sunny and warm. And because of the good weather … we were therefore able to enjoy our visit to the area. We not only hiked to the peak next to La Berneuse … we even made our way back to the train station at Leysin-Feydey on foot instead of taking the cable car! It was tiring of course … especially when we had to hurry in order to catch the train back to Aigle … but still, despite the rush, the hubby and I did not miss the opportunity to take photos of the area! hehehe … 🙂

So these are the photos that we shot during our visit in September. We went back there for another visit a month later … but I shall share more on that in the next entry lah.

About to board the regional train between Aigle and the mountain village of Leysin.

And these are the panoramic views which we saw while making our train journey up from Aigle to Leysin. As it was such a beautiful autumn day, we could see the landscape quite clearly.

Arriving in Leysin-Feydey, the stop after Leysin village … where the cable car station to go up to La Berneuse is located about 500 metres away. The top right picture is the building which houses the train station. A very beautiful building, do you not find it so? And since a hotel management school is located in this village not far from the train station, we could see many students in this small village … and a number of them are from Asia!

Making our way from the train station to the télé-cabine (cable car station).

We decided to follow the three guys in front of us … thinking that they knew the way to the cable car station. It was only when we reached a point not far from here that we realised … oopps, they were going in the wrong direction lah .. and since we had followed them, so were we! alamak!! 

So we had to retrace our track back to a junction … saw the sign to the télé-cabine… and then we headed toward the correct direction. Instead of taking the road on the left (just like the three guys) which goes up, we should have taken the one on the right that goes down … to where the cable car station is located. Still … it was not totally lost … because we got to enjoy the beautiful view which could be seen during the ‘walk’. 🙂

Finally … we could see the télé-cabine just further ahead. Somehow it looked quite different from what I could remember on our last visit … because this time round, we could clearly see the mountains and valleys that surround the area.

The last time when we here in winter, we could only see white because of the snow … and the mist!

As there were not a lot of people, unlike when we were here during winter in 2010 … we did not have to wait long to get into the cable car. And we did not have to share the cable car either … which was nice as it meant that we could take photos freely. 🙂

Unfortunately, my mini camera has been temperamental ever since we got back from our Italian holidays. So, quite a number of my photos turned out blurry, much to my frustration as it was not obvious from the viewfinder … not until I had uploaded them onto the computer! argghhh …

But as you can see here, I did manage to get some nice clear photos of the beautiful landscape while we made our way up to La Berneuse. If you were to read my entry on our trip in winter to La Berneuse, you would find out that it was very misty as we made our way up in the cable car so we could not really take photos of the landscape at that time.

Going higher and higher towards La Berneuse, leaving Leysin-Feydey far below us.

Approaching La Berneuse. As you can see … it was not near … but still … the hubby got me to walk down to Leysin-Feydey when going back! ish, ish, ish …

It was not impossible, of course … and certainly would be much easier than trying to walk up. But still… very tiring lah!

And finally arriving on top of La Berneuse. The first thing that you will see upon exiting the cable car station will be the famous revolving restaurant, Le Kuklos.

The cable car station as seen from the restaurant, Le Kuklos, with the Vaudoise Alps (including the hubby’s beloved Muverans on the far right).

Before starting on our hike … we decided to go for a drink at Le Kuklos … so that the hubby could check on his map as to the direction that we should proceed to … and so that I could also use the rest-room. As it was such a lovely day, we chose to sit outside on the terrace rather than inside the self-service restaurant. Generally, most of these mountain top restaurants tend to have both a dine-in restaurant as well as a self-service restaurant to cater to the different crowds.

After the drink … we decided to snap photos of the surrounding area … before starting our hike.

A tiny lake just beside Le Kuklos Restaurant … with a view of Lake Geneva in the horizon.

Unfortunately, as the glare from the sun was pretty strong … the lake could not be seen very clearly. But just after the green protrusion, … covered by a slight haze from the sun glare, is Lac Léman (or Lake Geneva in English). If the shoreline of the lake had been clearer, we would even have been able to see Lausanne from here!

A few of the paths on La Berneuse which one could take to do some hiking in the area … or …

… do some mountain biking down the mountain slope! Seeing all these mountain bikers … the hubby was tempted to try to do the same on our next visit! I suppose it could be quite interesting … and much faster than walking down! 🙂

Of course … there were also those who chose not to hike on foot (like us) nor to cycle down La Berneuse on a mountain bike.

Instead, they rode a trottinette or scooter with giant wheels down the mountain! Looks pretty interesting, huh? 🙂

After pausing for sometime to watch the mountain bikers cycling down the mountain … we continued with our hike …

… hoping to get to Tour d’Aï  (the peak across) from  La Berneuse … to try and check out the view from there.

The  landscape on La Berneuse … and the different poses by the hubby! He later decided that the afternoon was a little too warm to be wearing his top, which was meant for cooler weather! hehehe … 🙂

And if you wonder what exactly was the hubby trying to capture on camera while lying down … it was this …

… (via ferrata) rock climbers (notice the cable and metal bar)! We saw a few  group of climbers scaling the wall of  Tour d’Aï on that day

The view of the surroundings from near the top of the peak where we were hiking.

And Le Kuklos on La Berneuse on the opposite peak … looking quite a far distance away … with the valley of the Rhône (which unfortunately could not be seen very clearly) just beyond it and the Alps of Valais above.

The hubby suggested going this way towards where there were supposed to be a via ferrata to see if there was a path that goes around the protruding head of the mountain (Tour d’Aï) to the other side.

And so we did … following the trail and the sign which says this way to the via ferrata.

At one point … we had to walk across a path filled with big and small rocks. To be frank … the path could hardly be seen … so basically we just walked on what looked like the possible path. And although the hubby seemed to be walking across this path steadily (left picture) leaving me to follow him slowly … I was a quite worried about the possibility of accidentally stepping on a loose rock and slipping all the way down! Eikkk … not a nice thought, huh?

And after all that trouble …

… we could not see any clear path going down the edge of the rocky wall of Tour d’Aï! argghh … The hubby was still keen to proceed  … but I was adamant that we went back down the way we came! I was not keen to push my luck trying to find my balance and foot walking on slippery rocks at the edge of the slope!

And so we turned back.

But not before the hubby tried climbing the via ferrata (notice the cable and metal bar). Actually, he even teased me by suggesting that we try going up the via ferrata instead … to which I adamantly refused as well! This Ta …

Before going back down … the hubby suggested that I rest here briefly while he quickly went to take a quick look at the view from the other end … to which I agreed! 🙂

It seemed that Lake Geneva could be seen quite well from that end. Once he had his fill of the view from there …  we then started making our way back down the slope.

Passing by the lake that we saw when we made our trek from La Berneuse to Tour d’Aï.

And then descending the mountain slope … all the way down to Leysin-Feydey with Vaudoise Alps in the background.

It was quite a beautiful walk down the moutain slope … and we were not the only ones who had decided to walk down instead of taking the cable car.

Passing a farmhouse about halfway down the slope.

And finally arriving at the edge of the village of Leysin-Feydey. It took us longer than we thought we would!

I quite like this chalet I saw in Leysin-Feydey … with its neat garden and gorgeous view of the village, the valley and the mountains! Quite nice, no?

And then back at the train station to wait for the next available train to Aigle. It had been a beautiful excursion to La Berneuse … and a lovely start to autumn! 🙂

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3 thoughts on “Our visit to La Berneuse on the second day of autumn …

  1. Kira ok la tu…macam dah lama juga you tak letak gambar you dalam mana-mana entry. Saya teringin juga nak panjat bukit/gunung tapi dah tak larat sebab dek kemontelan badan. Suami pun dah agak berusia, dapat pula CT Aisyah pun debab….huhhhh serba tak larat. Labih-lebih lagi kat M’sia ni puratanya kawasan bukit/gunungnya ada pacat….saya takuttttt…..tu yang jadi penyebab utama tak panjat bukit/gunung.


  2. Ehhhh .. tak de lah slim. Semenjak dua menjak ni dah tak se slim masa baru dtg. Metabolism dah berkurangan (maklum dah tak muda)dan tak kerap exercise melainkan bila naik gunung! Tapi kalau tak kerana naik gunung dan kena naik bukit turun bukit kat Lausanne, lagilah montok badan I! Hehehe…


  3. Seronoknya dapat panjat gunung. Pemandangan yang cantik. Patutlah you sentiasa slim macam anak dara…hehehe


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