The parents’ garden in mid-autumn …

Unfortunately for me, it was misty the whole of yesterday at the parents. From the time I woke up …. until evening time, the mist did not let up and the sky was grey throughout the day. Thankfully, it did not rain … which would have made me even less inclined to go out and take some photos of their garden with the mum’s camera … because  it was also quite cold yesterday, at the parents.

However since we are now in the middle of autumn, there is not much ‘happening’ at the parents’ garden … although there are still several plants here and there that are still struggling to hold on for as long as they can in this chilly autumn weather.

And according to the mum, lately they have been getting surprised visits from an unwanted visitor — a mole who decided to burrow its way into the mum’s flower beds! Just yesterday I saw the daddy-man levelling and filling up a hole made by the mole in the flower bed just next to the terrace that is opposite the kitchen.

Okay, enjoy these photos of a misty autumn day at the parents … and their garden.

The misty view of the driveway as seen from the balcony outside the bedroom that we normally sleep in at the parents.

The mountains and the valleys were totally obscured by the mist. On a clear day, we could see the mountains as well as the valleys from this balcony.

And the view when looking down on the side garden below. The two cherry trees are in the midst of losing their leaves while the fig tree had gone totally baldy!

The view from the main entrance looking towards the misty driveway.

I decided to walk to the end of the driveway on the left of the parents’ home to take this shot. Very misty …  but also kind of lovely because of the pretty autumn colours.

The view of the garden from outside the dining area. No longer as colourful as it was in spring and summer …

… and looking a little misty yesterday.

The salad and herb patch at the parents still looking quite good. I was able to pick some mint leaves to make nice hot mint tea yesterday afternoon. 🙂

Making my way to the garden on the lower level.

The garden as seen from near the path that leads down to the small wood below. The kiwi trees growing on the trellis that had provided shade to the wooden bench in summer are totally stripped bare, right now.

And the side garden as seen from below. On the right are the nashi pear trees … totally bald now, too. I decided to check out the grapevines near the unused gate at the end …

… and saw that there were still some grapes hanging on the vines. Of course they are no longer good … so I did not bother to try to pluck any.

The part of the wood where the daddy-man recently built some wooden steps and railings to make it easier to go down to the wood and also converted into a patch for growing some small fruit trees like blueberries, raspberries, gooseberries, etc …

The barbecue area … looking less attractive in mid-autumn. I decided not to go all the way down into the wood as the ground was quite wet and slippery … and I was not wearing proper walking boots for it.

To the left of the wood … where the daddy-man had built a trellis for the mum to grow some beans this summer and a huge pile of leaves compost just after the wooden railings.

With the trees shedding most of their leaves by mid-autumn, I could clearly see the stream as it made its way down from the hill heading towards the parents’ part of the wood. Nice! 🙂

A rose bush with several buds on it growing at the side garden.  I just love the look of the rose buds. Hopefully, they will have enough time to bloom fully before another snowfall.

And the followings are some of the flowers that are still blooming in the parents’ garden at mid-autumn.

There were not many of them … but still, I was quite happy to see some of them during my walk in the garden. I cannot wait for next spring to see how the mum’s flower garden will turn out because she has already picked one or two new variety to introduce to her flower garden next year … errr … just like me lah! But of course, I was thinking more of new variety of vegetable to grow rather than flowers! hehehe … 🙂

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2 thoughts on “The parents’ garden in mid-autumn …

  1. Selalunya tak lah 100% semuanya luruh, sebab ada pokok yang dapat bertahan walaupun di musim sejuk. I bersyukur juga yang kedua mentua I masih sihat. Ada sakit2 juga, maklum dah berumur .. tapi masih dapat bergerak dan melakukan aktiviti bertanam dan sebagainya. Terimakasih atas kesudian nak berkongsi benih dgn I. Tapi kalau tak boleh jangan dipaksakan. Sekarang ni, dengan internet, alhamdullilah dapat jugak I mencari apa2 benih yang berkenan di hati untuk di semai. Ada banyak juga benih yang I dah aim kat internet tu, cuma belum di order lagi. Selalunya I order dari US dan UK sebab kedua negara ni memang ada banyak online gardening shops. Boleh rambang mata bila tengok online catalog diorang!


  2. Nampak damai sungguh suasananya. Agaknya penghujung autumn nanti habis luruh semua dedaun pokok. Saya pun tak sabar nak tunggu spring, nak tumpang tengok gambar bunga-bungaan hasil tanaman mak mertua you. Walaupun dah berusia 71, masih bertenaga untuk berkebun. Saya sangat kagum dengan semangat dan kerajinannya. Sangat wajar dijadikan contoh. You pula bersemangat nak bertanam sayur, insyallah saya akan cuba hantar beberapa jenis benih sayur to you. Saya nak kelentong sikit staff kat post office Jasin…harap-harap lepas la kan….!


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