A wet weekend at the parents …

We just got back from visiting the parents in Lucinges, France. We had not seen them for a while, and since the weather this weekend would not be very pleasant for doing excursions or work on the balcony, we had decided that we might as well take the opportunity to go and see them. It is always nicer to visit them during the weekend because … it meant that we would get to sleep in  a little and not have to wake very early to get ready to go back to Geneva! And since it has been a wet weekend, it was therefore very, very nice to sleep in lah! hehehe … 🙂

But the daddy-man was kind and offered to bring us to visit a Sunday market in a nearby small village-town of Douvaine  after breakfast … and, in fact, he even drove us to visit a garden centre called Botanic after that so that I could do some shopping for seeds and garden stuff there. Unfortunately, it is only open for half a day on Sunday … and when we arrived, the garden centre had just closed for the day! Arggggh … what a disappointment! Better luck (for me) next time, I suppose! 😦

But at least, we got to spend the weekend with the parents … and as usual, we ate a little too much! For dinner we had raclette with garlic bread and salads … and for lunch this afternoon, the mom made a delicious vegetable soup with more garlic breads and spicy vegetable pizza.

So before we left this evening, I told the mom NOT to cook too much for Wednesday’s night … when we shall be going there again to celebrate her birthday. She said that she believed that she would not have the energy to cook too much … but knowing the mum, I know that she will definitely prepare something that will leave us rubbing our very bloated tummies! 🙂

And since I did not have my camera with me (it has gone kaput after not even 2 years!) … I decided to borrow the mum’s camera so that I could take some photos during our trip to the market. However, as it was a wet day … I did not take that many shots lah!

It was quite a misty day today … since the rain did not let up since yesterday. It was misty at the parents’ when I woke up this morning … and it was misty, too, as we made our way late in the morning to the Sunday market at Douvaine.

If not for the grey and wet day … it would have been lovely to take photos of the French countryside with the beautiful autumn colours!

Driving past a small dolmen (or megalithic stone structure), now half buried in the ground and situated beside the main road … as we made our way to the Sunday market in Douvaine.  The hubby tells me that the position of this dolmen is claimed to be aligned with that of the menhirs in nearby Lutry on our side of the lake, which is interesting, no?

Hubby and daddy-man leading the way to the market. Thankfully it was just drizzling when we reached the market … so we did not have to take out our umbrellas!

The market is not as big as the Saturday market in Lausanne, but still … it is always nice to visit such a market.

A kind of roots that were being sold at the market. The guy selling it was explaining to a buyer how to prepare it … but as my grasp of the French language still has not quite reach the standard yet … so I did not really understand his instructions lah. But we stopped for a while here trying to figure out what kind of root it was. However, we did not want to ask so as not to be obligated to buy it!

But we did stop to buy some bread. Since we already did a bit of shopping when the parents came to fetch us yesterday evening … this visit to the Sunday market was more to see rather than to buy. So while the daddy-man bought some local farm eggs …

… we decided to buy this French loaf with sesame seeds and cranberries. And since it was towards the end of the market day, the kind bread seller even threw in another type of bread free! Nice huh? And I must say that the bread that we bought was delicious … I like it! 🙂

And just before we left, we even stopped for a while to do a quick tour of the flea market that was housed inside this building. There were certainly one or two items that I quite liked … but I decided that it would be too troublesome to try to bring them home as we also had some groceries to bring back with us!

An interesting looking building which is part of a school, located nearby.

It started to rain a bit heavier as we were making our way back.

And it continued even when we later made our way back to Geneva in the evening.

Hopefully, it will not be raining this week when we come for the mum’s birthday … so that I can take a tour of their garden in autumn and capture some nice shots!


8 thoughts on “A wet weekend at the parents …

  1. In sha Allah, semoga masin mulut you, amiiiiin. 🙂 Maybe I can start jual benih sayur online kat my blog, boleh buat duit jugak! hehehe …


  2. Pelan-pelan la ya. Insyallah satu ketika nanti you akan dapat rumah yang ada kawasan untuk bercucuk tanam. Waktu tu boleh bukak gerai jual sayur kat depan rumah…hehehehe…


  3. Ohh … ubi gadong namanya. Interesting. Nanti kalau dah dapat merasa, bilang I ehh macam mana rasanya. Mentua I ni tak berapa minat berkebun sayuran sangat, melainkan salads dan beberapa herba. A pity, tapi ye lah … masing2 ada minat dan kegemaran masing2. Yang satu suka tanamn pokok buah yang satu suka tanam pokok bunga. I pakkal tak ada tanah, kalau tidak semuanya I tanam! 🙂


  4. CT, saya dah dapat jawapan kepada persoalan kita tentang nama ubi yang berbentuk pelik tu. Kakak saya kata nama ubi tu Ubi Gadong, rasanya hampir sama seperti keladi, lembut dan sedikit kenyal. Saya tak pernah rasa dan berharap sangat nak merasanya. Agak-agaknya lah kan, boleh ke ubi kayu ditanam di tempat keluarga mertua you…?…hehehehe….


  5. Ahhh … menarik sungguh. Tapi memang isinya seperti ubi kayu. Cuma bentuknya aje yang lain.
    I dah sampaikan ucapan you kepada mak mentua I. Dia cakap terimakasih. Suka dia dapat ucapan dari Asia!
    Memang semalam makan sedap … macam tau gitu! hehehe … 🙂


  6. Hmmm memang pelik kalau cuma beli 10 cm. Saya bukan maksudkan ubi kayu CT, ubi yang saya kata tu kalau tak silap saya pokoknya menjalar seakan-akan pokok sirih. Namanya saya tak tau, dah cuba contact adik bungsu saya di JB untuk dapatkan nama ubi tu tetapi telefon tak berjawab. Saya pernah nampak ubi tu kat rumah dia tahun lepas, pemberian dari mak mertua dia. Bila dah tahu apa nama ubi tu saya akan maklum pada awak ya.

    Sampaikan ucapan “Happy Birthday” kepada mak mertua awak ya. Mesti dapat makan sedap-sedap lagi hari ini…!


  7. Bila dipotong, rupa isi roots itu memang macam ubi. I bilang juga kat Paul yang roots tu seakan ubi tapi bila di lihat dari bentuknya, macam bukan. So I pun tak tahu apa ke benda roots tu. Pasal, orang yang beli tu cuma beli sekerat (adalah dalam 10cm) aje. Kita beli ubi mana beli sekerat aje kan? Betul ke ada ubi yang macam roots tu kat M’sia? I tak pernah pulak nampak ubi kayu rupa yang macam tu!
    Roti kat sini, macam2 rupa dan rasa. Kadang2 tak tahu nak pilih yang mana!


  8. Cantik sungguh pemandangan musim luruh. Saya nak tanyalah..roots yang dijual di pasar tu sejenis ubi ke CT? Kat sini ada sejenis tumbuhan yang menghasilkan ubi yang bentuknya hampir serupa dengan roots yang awak tengok tu. Saya dah terlupa namanya, ia boleh diproses menjadi makanan.
    Saya suka tengok bentuk roti yang dijual tu, nampak sungguh menyelerakan !


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