Early start to winter 2012/2013 … ??

It was a good thing that we decided to go and look for chestnuts last Sunday. If we had waited to do so yesterday, the chestnut hunt would have remained just a dream for me … because … it snowed not only on Saturday, but it continued to snow for most of yesterday … much to the hubby’s excitement! 🙂

Initially, when I woke up on Saturday and did not see any hint of snow or snowfall in the wee hours of the morning as had been forecast just two days earlier, I felt a little disappointed. It was only later in the afternoon that the snowflakes began making their appearance. However, the snowflakes did not last long, melting as soon as they touched ground … and so I thought ‘Okay, that was nice — there was some snow after all but thankfully, not heavy enough to cause any damage to my plants, phew!!’

But oh boy was I wrong! From light snowflakes (which came down together with the rain that had started earlier in the morning) … as we went about doing our shopping on Saturday … it later began to snow a bit more heavily a few hours later. Thankfully, it started only when I was making my way home from doing grocery shopping in the evening (the hubby had gone home earlier with our initial purchases).

Excited? You bet I was … especially when I stepped out of the métro station near home and was greeted with real snowfall (not just a mixture of snowflakes and rain) and to see snow on the ground. 🙂

Dismay? Well , that too … when reality sank in. 😦

You see … as I had shared in a previous entry, I was only expecting a drop in temperature over the weekend with some snowfall early Saturday morning. I did set up my greenhouse and put some of the fragile plants inside, and I did try to provide some form of protection for some of the many plants that were still outside … but I could not do so for all the plants. But I thought it would not be so bad because the hubby and I would be going to the garden centre on Saturday afternoon to get for ourselves another greenhouse to put more plants in and we even ended up buying some protective sheaths to put around the bigger plants. And that we would have Sunday to put up more protective cover on more plants to prepare them for the chilly week ahead.

Errr … that was the plan lah … but the weather decided otherwise! From just wet snowflakes, it turned to real snowfall by evening …  which continued into the night … and then well into Sunday evening! Only the intensity varied but it did not stop snowing. Arggghh …

And so while everybody was enjoying a nice and cosy sleep on Saturday night celebrating the first snowy night for winter 2012, both the hubby and I could not sleep well thinking about our babies outside who had not been given any protection, since the snowing did not seem to stop!  So guess what did we do that night? At 3.00am (or 2.00am after the change to winter time which happened that night) the hubby and I were out on the balcony braving the winds and snow and freezing temperature trying to provide some protection to more of the plants! Can you believe that? This would definitely go into our personal Guinness book of memorable nights … which included the night we got lost in the alpine forest of Aletsch!!  😉

Of course, we could not protect every single one of them but we tried our very best. And the follwing day, more effort was put into trying to protect the plants from the continued snowfall.

The hubby indeed spent many hours wallowing under the snowfall and the snow on our balcony yesterday! He was a very, very busy man … busy trying to make his first snowman for this winter year! hehehe … Okay, okay, …  he also helped to set up the second greenhouse and then shift some of the plants to protect them better … and also cleared our awning of snow lah! 🙂

The balcony on Saturday afternoon, when rain and snowflakes started coming down from the sky … heralding the start to early winter season. I was able to re-plant several plants either into smaller pots and re-group some of them into a single container before Saturday.

The snowflakes … falling onto our garden shed and melting within a few seconds. I had thought that was it … just snowflakes, not real snow.

But it became more solid and it also started to fall more steadily by the time we had finished our shopping sometime after 6.00pm. The ground … and my plants started being covered with snow! Oh dear … 😦

And so out we went onto the balcony as soon as I got home … to try to shift some plants to take cover under the awning so that they would be protected from the falling snow.

But since the snowfall persisted well into the night, with strong winds blowing them onto the plants that we had put under the awning …

… I just had to go outside in the middle of the night to try to provide extra protection to some of the plants. It was a nuisance having to do so while everybody was enjoying their sleep … but as the hubby wrote on his blog, it was the call of duty! I could not just abandon my poor babies to mother nature when I could do something about it lah!

The view on Sunday morning … beautiful and white all around us.

And the balcony as it looked on Sunday morning … all covered with snow.

Because of the strong winds … there were snow everywhere!

Seeing so much snow everywhere … the hubby did not waste time trying to do something about it … even though it was still snowing.

He told me that he was going to help me scoop away all that snow on the balcony …

… and build our first snowman (bonhomme de neige) for this winter season! Ish, ish … he was supposed to help me with the plants but instead … spent quite some time trying to do his snowman! But this year, I told him that I wanted our snowman to be different from that of the past two years. In fact, I do not want a bonhomme de neige this year but a ‘bonnefemme’ de neige (snowwoman) instead! 🙂

So he tried and spent a considerable amount of time on ‘her’ … continuing with his creative work after lunch and after doing some of the things that I needed him to do on the balcony.

And this was the best that he came up with. That is one busty bonnefemme de neige, do you not think so? hehehe … 🙂

He was trying to create the hairstyle of a Bernese woman … although I would have preferred our bonnefemme de neige to have just a normal hairstyle! Unfortunately, since he finished quite late, I did not have the time to dress up the bonnefemme de neige … so she had to be in this state of undress and bear with the cold for the time being lah, if she could last long enough to be properly dressed! 🙂

This was how the balcony looked like by evening time … after the snowfall had subsided and we had set up another greenhouse and shifted as well as covered more of the plants. Somehow it looked quite messy, no?

After all that efforts yesterday, it was nice and sunny this morning … but still very cold lah! The snow is slowly but surely melting under the sun.

But I am glad that we have our two greenhouses set up and that we bought more protective sheaths for the plants … because the cold weather will continue for a while longer. Unfortunately, not cold enough to keep our bonnefemme de neige in perfect busty shape … as she had shrunk several sizes by this evening as a result of the strong sun … before I could even dressed her up! Hmmm … maybe I will get to do so after the next heavy snowfall.

But when the next snowfall will happen is anybody’s guess … because, in effect, we are only one month into the autumn season. There are still another two months to the official start of winter. So despite ‘winter’ starting very early this year, the real season might not yet start until well into the end of the year!

However … come next snowfall … I will make sure that … the only expression that will come out of me … will be a ‘yahooooo!!‘ … and not an ‘oh no ….’. hehehe … 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Early start to winter 2012/2013 … ??

  1. Snowwoman si Paul tak tahan lama. Sekarang ni dah cair dah, cuma tinggal selongok kecil salji aje. Tapi sekurang-kurangnya masih ada lagi sedikit salji kat balcony rumah dan kat padang bawah. Kalau kat town semua salji dah lama cair dah!


  2. Kesiannya you terpaksa mengemas dimalam hari yang bersalji..mesti sejuk. Kreatif sungguh Paul membina sexy snowwoman dengan gaya rambut yang mengancam….hehehe…!


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