Looks can be deceiving …

Oh yes, looks can be very deceiving … even when it comes to the weather!

Today, after a whole night of rain, the sun decided to make its appearance. It is quite sunny … sunnier than some of the days during this week, which tends to be grey and rainy, for the most part.

So when I saw the sun this morning, naturally I was very happy. Until I realised that although it is nice and sunny … it is definitely not warm! In fact, despite the sun … the temperature is colder than during some of the days when it was grey and wet!

As I am writing this in the middle of the afternoon … even as the sun was shining so brightly outside, the temperature reads less than 8°C … urgh! 😦

And after getting incessant beatings by the rain and now hit by low temperature … a number of the plants on the balcony have started to show signs of distress! Poor them. I will definitely have to set up my greenhouse soon to protect some of the fragile ones. I will not be able to protect all of them … but whatever I can salvage, I will.

In fact, I had removed several of them which had died or were dying a slow cold death.

By the way, last week I decided to pick our second pepino melon since I saw that it had started to rot a little. This is what may happen when you fail to check them out regularly. One day some of the plants are okay and the fruits are developing nicely. A few days later when you do decide to check on the fruits, they either have started to rot or, in the case of the strawberries, have dried up! arggh …

The second pepino melon was bigger than an orange. But as you can see, it had started to rot a little, much to my regret when I found out.

Fortunately however …

… when cut, the inside was perfect … beautiful colour and juicy! But unlike the first fruit which was much smaller, I could not see a single seed in this one despite its larger size.

Only the tip of the melon was slightly rotting … but the rest of the fruit was still good.

And as what I had written in a previous post, I decided that I would try and eat the fruit as soon as it was picked to find out whether it would taste any different from the first one which I had left in the fridge to continue to ripen for a few more days. Especially when it had already started to rot … I did not think it would be a good idea to do so lah!

And the verdict? I am not sure whether it was because this second fruit was eaten as soon as it was picked rather than leaving it aside to continue to ripen after cutting it from the tree … or whether it was because they had developed at a different pace … but I thought that the second fruit tasted slightly bitter than the first one. Yet … the taste is not bad and I did enjoy eating this fruit.

For now …

I am waiting for this third fruit to ripen … and I really hope that it will as the weather is cold now.  Unlike the first two which were round, this one is oval in shape.

And also hopefully …

… another one or two more fruits will develop from some of these flowers! But … since the fruit will only set if the night time temperature is at least about 18°C, I doubt that this will happen if the current low temperature continues … unless I bring the plant inside! haizzz … we shall see lah!

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6 thoughts on “Looks can be deceiving …

  1. I doubt we’ll be able to find the plant in any nurseries in Europe. I ask for the seed from a relative in Singapore when I went back home in August last year and planted it here. This is the second time I am planting it. I planted one from seed when I first came here … but it died more than a year later since I left them outside in autumn. I have since learnt my lesson and this one was brought in as soon as the weather turns a little chilly a few weeks ago!


  2. I see my favourite plant – curry leaf! Did you get from your area? I can’t seem to find one in Munich.


  3. Salam Ros,
    Memang buah melon ni sungguh menyegarkan. Tak letak dalam fridge pun rasanya tetap agak sejuk. Kalau makan musim panas pasti best. Insyaallah, minta2 akan ada lebih banyak buah yang akan menjadi nanti. Kadang2 rasanya tak berbaloi bertanaman kat sini, pasal ada pokok yang baru nak menjadi dah terbantut atau mati terkejut pasal suhu yang sejuk! haiizzz … buat penat jaga aja!


  4. Hi Jo, I am not sure if you are able to see my email address but if you do, yes, this is the email address that I used for my FB. CT.


  5. Salam CT,

    Wah! Nampak segar buah melon tu. Bila dah dipotong nampak macam buah ciku pulak. Moga-moga akan ada buah yang akan menyusul kemudian, kalau tengok pada bunga tu…ada harapan..! Hehehe.. Jenuh juga U nak jaga pokok-pokok tu kan…kesian tengok pokok-pokok tu…


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