Feeling motivated …

Ever since the cool weather started with the coming of autumn, I have been feeling more motivated  than usual in terms of wanting to prepare something myself … for us to munch on or for dinner. Of course, I will still try to take short cuts whenever I can when it comes to feeding ourselves (since cooking has never been and still is not my passion nor my forté). But in recent days, I have just been feeling like making something myself … rather than buying them ready-made.

So last night and tonight … we had pasta with home-made pesto sauce. It was the first time that I had tried making pesto sauce for pasta (so as to make use of the basils that I had grown myself from seeds) and was happy to realise (after making it) that it was not so difficult to make!

Unfortunately, the portion is more than enough for two persons … which is why we had pesto pasta for two nights in a row! Fortunately, we both lurveee pasta … so it was no hardship to have to eat the same meal again lah! hehehe … 🙂

And the sauce was very tasty … especially after adding a few extra ingredients which I saw the daddy-man had put into his pasta sauce. It was really delicious!! And since I love mushrooms, I put lots of mushrooms into the pasta … plus the leftover potatoes from the raclette meal that we had two nights ago.

But no pasta meal is complete, for me, without some hot chilli sauce (made by the daddy-man’s former neighbour and good friend). This hot chilly sauce goes extremely well with pasta … but since it is very, very hot … just a little would do to add an extra flavour to the meal! The daddy-man and I are the only two persons who like to eat our pasta with this hot chilli sauce. I sometimes would shed tears when eating my pasta with this chilli sauce at the parents’ … but maybe … that is what makes the pasta meal even tastier! hehehe … 🙂

And then since I was also in the mood for some spring rolls but did not want to buy the ready-made ones … I decided that I would make some myself. So last night I prepared the filling and this morning, I rolled them into their wrappers. It was not the first time that I was trying my hands at making spring roll (I had tried making them once before using a recipe from a Thai recipe book that I have) …  but it was the first time that I was using the  recipe from here … which is tastier than the one in the recipe book.

And since the hubby was home today, I decided to fry some this morning for brunch.

According to him … they were ‘superb’! Hmmm … I suppose this was to justify why he had gulped down all the spring rolls that I had fried for the both of us …

… as well as these lazy-person curry puffs! (I had fried more than what are shown on these pictures!) Luckily for me, there were plenty more for me to fry for myself, so it was okay lah! After all, I would rather that he enjoyed eating them instead of not liking them! 😉

And why do I call these the lazy-person curry puffs? Well … it is because I used a ready-made pastry sheet for the skin as I was too lazy to prepare the skin for the potato filling! hehehe … 🙂 And since the pastry sheet was a little on the soft side to shape it like the usual curry puff, I just wrap them into square shapes … easy-peasy but just as delicious! 🙂


8 thoughts on “Feeling motivated …

  1. Pisang goreng kepok tu, my hubby mula2 bila I offer dia cakap dia tak nak. Tapi rupanya dalam diam, lepas dia makan satu terus ter’sedap’… Bila I nak makan lagi dah tinggal satu! Terukkan?
    Kami pun favorit sekali dgn pasta … lebih2 lagi yg warna-warni atau bentuk yg menarik, I suka beli. We also sometimes beli yg ada flavour – blueberry, lemon, pesto, tomato, etc – saja nak try. But I think the plain flavour is still the best – senang nak masak dgn different sauces.


  2. Hehehehe….memang betul, curry puff goreng memang sedap…tempohari i tengok you punya pisang goreng pun i dah terliur.

    Aisyah memang minat pasta. Kalau pergi bershopping habis semua jenis pasta diangkut masuk dalam trolly. Terpaksa pulak mak dia surf internet belajar masak pasta…!


  3. Kadang2 terlebih rajin, kadang2 terlerbih malas! hehehe … So little Aisyah pun favourite dgn pesto pasta juga. Satu geng lah!

    I had also tried baking the curry puffs before … just to try the different taste. Not bad tapi tak sesedap dengan digoreng. But you are right, it is healthier pasal tak pakai minyak.


  4. Rajinnya you memasak macam-macam jenis makanan. Sedap dan menyelerakan nampaknya pasta tu. Boleh tumpang sepinggan… Itulah makanan kegemaran my little Aisyah.

    Apa kata you bake curry puff tu..biasanya saya buat begitu bila guna ready-made pastry sheet. Alkisahnya untuk kurangkan penggunaan minyak.


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