Gloomy Sunday and Monday …

Today has been another grey and gloomy day … just like yesterday.

Despite coming home very late on Saturday night, the hubby was actually very keen to go on another excursion on Sunday and was up very early. However,  the meteorological station had forecast that Sunday would be cloudy and rainy at times. And so it was … except for a short burst of sunshine in the afternoon, which caused the hubby to remark that we should have gone ahead with the proposed trip to the valley of Derborence (in the canton of Valais/Wallis) to visit one of the three virgin forests left in Switzerland. But when the weather soon changed again … he finally had to accept that yesterday was just not a good day for any excursion to the mountain or forest! And so he had no choice but to stay home … and so ended up working on his entry on the Oberaletsch glacier instead!

And by the look of the weather forecasts for the rest of this week … it looks like this gloomy weather is not going to go away any time soon. Poor hubby … I can only hope that despite the initial forecasts, the weather will change by the end of the week and let up a little over the weekend … so that we can go on a little excursion. Otherwise … there will be one gloomy hubby at home this weekend! hehehe … 🙂

Here are some shots of the skyline yesterday …. which I thought was still quite pretty, despite the heavy grey clouds in the sky.

The grey clouds totally obliterated the view of the mountains (including the hubby’s beloved Muverans) across our flat.

Compared with only 10 days ago, most of the leaves of the big tree in front of our balcony have changed colours … thus providing a beautiful contrast to the grey sky and the tinge of bluish-green of the French soil across Lake Léman.

Grey clouds over Lausanne and Lake Léman yesterday evening …

… and above the woods of Mont Sauvabelin and its wooden tower. The trees in the woods are slowly changing their colours as we move deeper into the autumn season.

The view of the old house from outside our bedroom window. We were given the impression that this old house (just like the other one which used to face our balcony) would be demolished by summer … so you cannot imagine how pleased I am to see this house still around even though we are already in autumn! 🙂

And the view of the lake as seen from our bedroom window.

All this greyness and chilly autumn weather seems to be bringing out the baking mood in me. I keep looking at the various recipes on the Internet  to see if there are any simple recipes that catch my fancy and which I can try making! However … since we have not even managed to finish the banana blueberry quick cake that I made last week …. I think I will have to control the urge lah! 😉


4 thoughts on “Gloomy Sunday and Monday …

  1. Hi Josephine,
    So we are practically almost neighbours! In which part of Germany are you living?. Yes, I am on FB. I tried looking up for you using your email but the search results came up with nothing.


  2. Hi ctzan,
    Thank you. Are you on facebook too? We live in Germany.


  3. Hi Josephine, nice to hear from you and thank you for the kind comments. Hope you will continue to visit this blog. Cheers!


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