Doing late night shopping at Aubonne after many months …

We have not been to the Aubonne factory outlet for a special late night shopping expedition for many months now. In fact, we could not remember exactly when was the last time that we went there to do any shopping. There had been times when we were thinking of going but, unfortunately, the dates or the weather were not very conducive. But mostly, we had been giving this monthly shopping a miss because we did not have anything that we really needed to get from there because we had found the things that we needed right here in Lausanne. So why waste money unnecessarily by going there … just to be tempted to buy something that we do not need, right?

But yesterday, since the weather was warm and sunny … after the grey and chilly weather of the previous day … we decided that it was about time for us to visit the factory outlets in Aubonne in order to take advantage of the special discounts offered last night. Finally … we have something that we wanted to get … and this therefore provided a very good excuse to make that special trip to the factory outlets last night! 🙂

First stop …  a quick grocery shopping at the Coop hypermarket in the area (since the hubby will not be able to do it with me, today … as he is off trekking up the mountain in Aletsch) and then to the café at IKEA for some light refreshment … before making our way to Aubonne Outlet building.

As we did not want to come home too late, we decided to skip the other shops in the building and went straight to our favourite sports shop, Ochsner Sport … to look for any bargain on the items that we were looking for.

Unfortunately, we did not find any of the items that we had wanted for me. Not because the shop do not have the items … just that they were not in the price that we were hoping to buy them lah! Oh well … I suppose I will just have to wait until the sale season is in full swing to be able to get some of the items that I wanted … at a very good price.

But we did come home with two items … one for the hubby and one for our brother-in-law (BIL), which we know will make him very, very happy! 🙂

The hubby got himself a pair of autumn walking trousers (which he is wearing for his trek in Aletsch, today) … and for BIL, we got him this …

Salomon Men’s XA Pro 3D Ultra 2 running shoes …  as an advance birthday present for next year … and as a sweet incentive to motivate him on his first Singapore Marathon run this December. 🙂

I was hoping to get a different colour as the hubby had bought him another Salomon pair of running shoes in the same shade of green when we came in July. Unfortunately, this was the only pair on sale that was in his size!

You cannot imagine how difficult it was to get running shoes in his size because he has very big feet! How big?

Well … he wears a size 48!

Poor him, he has not been able to find any Salomon running shoes in his size in Singapore because the shops no longer carry these shoes in his size since they were not very popular. Totally understandable … since I do not think there are many men who wear such big-size shoes in Singapore. But even in Lausanne, the hubby had to go to several shops before he managed to find a pair in BIL size!

And luckily for BIL … we found a pair last night, in his size! And it was on sale!!

From CHF 199.90, the price of this pair was reduced to just CHF 99.90. However, since last night was the monthly late night special … we managed to get another 20% discount on the pair! A very good price, indeed!

Especially when it has all these features.  Too bad about the colour choice, though. But hey … beggars cannot be choosy, right?

Unfortunately for BIL, he will not be getting his present any time soon … since we will not be going to Singapore until probably late next year … unless a member of our family decides to come for a visit soon! 😉

But in the meantime … he can drool at his present lah! hehehe … 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Doing late night shopping at Aubonne after many months …

  1. Hi SL,
    It seemed that my hubby has been helping me with answering your queries. He often does that! 🙂 Regarding the pots and pans, if you are in no hurry, the best time to get them is during the sale when you can get very good price for some of them (20-50% less). The winter sale will be coming soon, so you are in luck! The best place to check some of the better quality ones will be at Manor, Coop City or even Globus (all in Lausanne city centre). Alternatively, if you are going to Aubonne Outlet this Friday (which we intend to), there is also a shop that sells branded items on the ground floor, near the escalator. It is not a big shop, but you could take a look there to see the prices if you happen to be in the building.
    As for sledging at Mauvernay, unfortunately they do not rent sledges. So, you will have to come with your own. Again, it is best to check them out during the sale if you intend to get them, although I have yet to see any on sale so far. But the plastic ones like the one I have are not very expensive. The same applies for your winter sports gear. Do check out Oschner Sport and Athleticum for their sale items because to buy them at full price can be very, very expensive! The other big shop is the Migros at Crissier which has a huge space dedicated for sport wear. By the way, last Saturday I also saw that the shop Trophy in Lausanne Flon (near Migros Metropole) is having discount up to 70%. So, that could be another place to check out. Hope all this info helps.


  2. Hi CT, thanks for the post and tip….. hoping to go shopping in Aubonne soon….planning to get some hiking sticks and ski trousers :).

    Btw, I would like to buy some pots and pans ..where would be a good place to go pots and pans shopping?

    Hope you enjoy your weekend…although it looks like we are in for a bit of cold …and snowy…weekend.


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