Celebrating the start of autumn on La Berneuse …

Sorry if I had been very quiet for the past several days. Last week … after finishing the last of the entries on our Singapore holiday, I found it hard to pick up the mood again to browse and to select the pictures to share on our Glacier Express and Bernina Express excursions. I had started to do so … but just could not find the motivation to continue and finish the entry. There were just too many photos to choose and I felt that the effort became a little off-putting after sometime! urgghh …

And since there is nothing exciting happening on the gardening front …  I have not much to share on that topic  either. But then …  as we went on a mountain excursion yesterday, so I thought I will share a little on that instead lah! 🙂

Yesterday, we decided to take advantage of a nice autumn day (the second since the start of this season) to go on another mountain excursion. But unlike the excursion to Trift Bridge, which was planned beforehand … we could not decide where to go for yesterday’s excursion, at least not until that very morning! And then since the hubby had to go and cast his vote first, we therefore could not go anywhere too far since we could only leave after he had voted.

So … we ended going to La Berneuse, which is about 1.5 hours away from Lausanne. I had shared an earlier entry on our first excursion to La Berneuse ... but the landscape at that time was very different as  it was in winter. I think the place look even more beautiful in summer because I could really see the terrains, the slopes, the lakes and the valleys that surrounds the area.

You can see them for yourself here … but, of course, more photos will be shared in a later entry since this is just a teaser entry lah! hehehe … 🙂

The view from Leysin-Feydey, the little alpine village where the tele-cabine (or cable car station) for going up to La Berneuse is located. The view from this tiny village, which is also home to the Swiss Hotel Management School and Leysin American School, is really beautiful.

Approaching the tele-cabine on La Berneuse, with Le Kuklos (a revolving panorama restaurant) next to it.

Having a drink on the open terrace of the restaurant … before starting on our hike. It was a beautiful day to have a drink outside … since, although it was sunny, it was not very warm.

A view of a lake as we hiked up the mountain slope opposite La Berneuse.

La Berneuse (and Le Kuklos Restaurant) as seen from the opposite peak. Magnificent surroundings, do you not agree?

Lac Léman (or Lake Geneva) as seen from the edge of the slope. Unfortunately, it was not a very clear day, yesterday … so the outline of the lake could not be seen as clearly. A pity …

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