Singapore holiday : enjoying durians and family gatherings …

I thought it would not be complete to share on our holiday in Singapore without sharing a little on the main reason for our visit … my sister’s wedding! But since it was just a small family affair there are not many photos to share lah. So, I thought I would also share on the other things that we got to enjoy while in Singapore apart from our excursions – gorging ourselves silly on durians! 🙂

Unfortunately, the hubby must have had an durian overdose on this trip. Because when I bought two pieces of durian flesh to be shared between the two of us last week … he told me that strangely he no longer feels so passionately about this ‘king of fruits’ as he used to and that he no longer enjoyed it as much!! Oh dear … what have we done!?

Oh well … who knows that maybe after some time of not having durians, he might crave for it again. We shall see lah! In the meantime, here are some shots of our last durian feast before leaving Singapore … and the simple wedding celebration the night before we flew home !

After having dinner near the sea at East Coast Park the night before the wedding, we decided to go and look for some durians for supper after that! And in doing so … the hubby got his first lesson on how to tell good durians from the bad ones!

The brother-in-law (BIL) explaining the trick to identifying and selecting a good durian to hubby … which he had learnt from a durian seller.

Apparently, the trick lies in the smell of the durian.

So after watching how it was done, the hubby tried ‘smelling’ the durians, too. I do not whether he succeeded in learning the skill or not …

… but it was really funny seeing the hubby taking his lesson seriously … and seeing the two biras (in-laws) smelling the durians! hehehe … 🙂

Durians for supper … plus rambutans for my niece who is allergic to durian … later at the second sister’s place where a small and impromptu get-together was held for all the five sisters the night before our youngest sister’s wedding! I just love and truly miss such impromptu gatherings now that I am living  far away! 😦

And then the next evening we all met and gathered once again for the solemnisation ceremony and wedding reception of our youngest sister that was held at a restaurant which specially catered for such an event.

The wedding celebration was just a small joint affair between the bride and groom’s family … but still, the solemnisation ceremony was beautiful and the reception after that a simple but joyous occasion. To me … it was one of those precious but rare opportunities when I get to meet all my close family members in one place (with the hubby), now that I no longer live in Singapore!

So I really treasure such moment and hope that I will be able to enjoy more of such occasions on our future visits to Singapore!!

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4 thoughts on “Singapore holiday : enjoying durians and family gatherings …

  1. Semua perempuan? Wow, you pasti rapat dengan mereka semua kan, pasal selalunya adik beradik perempuan ni lebih rapat! Adik beradik I ada 8 orang – 5 perempuan dan 3 lelaki. Kami tak lah semua lawa dan hensem, biasa-biasa aje lah! Cuma pasal hampir kesemua kami ikut kulit arwah emak, jadi ada sikit cerah dan selalu di sangkakan orang Cina (terlebih lagi hidung kami yang tak mancung langsung! Nasib baik mata tak sepet! hehehe … ;))


  2. Ok la tu.Nampak grand juga. Adik beradik you semua perempuan ke CT? Saya ada enam beradik dan semuanya perempuan, kalau you mix cina dan jawa = putih menawan, saya pulak mix jawa dan india = ada gelap juga loooo. Cantiknya adik bungsu awak, mesti kakak-kakaknya semua pun sama cantik masa muda dulu.


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