Feeling a little low after the high of yesterday …

Not just the dreaded Monday blues, this morning, the hubby also had to deal with the low-down feeling of coming back to earth (or should I say to the hills of Lausanne ;)) after the excitement of trekking high up the mountain in the Bernese Oberland and then crossing the Trift Bridge!

And what an excursion it was. It took 3.5 hours to reach the foot of the mountain where the small cable car station is located in Gadmen from Lausanne, another 8 minutes up the mountain by cable car, across the ravine and the Trift gorge to reach the cable car station at the top; and then another 90 minutes (for most people lah, but 110 minutes for us as I do not walk fast …) of hiking along some precarious trail to reach the Trift suspension bridge.

But the view of the Trift glacier and the lake below  … and most especially the thrill of crossing one of the longest and highest swing bridges of the Alps (across Trift lake and gorge)was simply awesome, superb, magnificent, etc, etc … well, you get my drift lah! hehehe … 🙂

The only caveat to an otherwise fantastic excursion was not having enough time for hiking leisurely to the bridge, for savouring the view once there and then for returning to the cable car station in accordance with our allotted return time slot (the staff at the cable car station suggested taking the earlier of the remaining two) … as we could only afford spending 4 hours for the whole hike and scenery appreciation. This is really short … considering that it took us nearly 2 hours just to reach the bridge! haizzz …

A useful tip. The number of passengers on each cable car ride is controlled and so you have to ‘chope’ (reserve) the timing that you want (or take what is available depending on the number of other visitors in the queue before you). So if you are interested in doing this excursion, make sure you arrive early before others start coming in droves so that you will be able to pick a good time (and not have to wait more than an hour for the ride, as we had to!) … and to give yourself more than 4 hours up on the mountain so that you can truly enjoy the hike and the superb view from there! It cost us CHF 38 for a return trip for the two of us.

And please beware that you really need proper walking shoes as the terrain can be a little dangerous at a few places. In addition, walking sticks will prove extremely useful when going downhill … and uphill too (especially for a shorty like me! :))

Okay here are some snippets (of photos) that we took yesterday on our excursion. More photos will be shared in a later entry … because first I must share photos of our earlier excursions lah!!!

Part of the staircase leading down from the Triftbahn (Trift cable car station) to start on the hike to the Trift Bridge … which is 2.8km away further up the mountain!

Our first view of part of the Trift glacier after walking up the mountain for quite sometime. We were lucky that it was nice and sunny yesterday, but not too warm. Perfect day for taking photos and the ideal weather for a long hike on the mountain!

Leaving the Triftbahn down in the mountain slope (where you can see a small dam on the right of pic, about midway down). The trails coming up from the station are the less precarious part of the hike … it became a little harder (and more risky) as we got higher and closer to the suspension bridge and to the lake.

The spectacular Triftbrücke (Trift Bridge) — 170 metres long and 100 metres high above the lake … and is one of the longest and highest suspension bridges in the Alps. To be able to experience walking across this bridge made the tough hike worth all the effort!

And the fast-receding Trift glacier and the lake which was formed as a result of the melting ice. This shot was taken from about the half-way point of the bridge … which was swinging!! You need stable hands to take photos from the bridge with all the swinging … which is either as the result of a natural cause (i.e. the wind) or an unnatural cause (i.e. from excited people who could not resist jumping up and down the bridge so as to make it swing even more!! ish, ish, ish). But I lurveeeeddd it!!! 🙂

Hubby’s entry after our visit

Saddened by the inexorable death of these Alpine giants

2 thoughts on “Feeling a little low after the high of yesterday …

  1. Alhamdullilah. Jodoh saya dapat suami yg gemar ‘merayap’ … terutama ke tempat2 yang saya juga gemar tapi tidak berpeluang untuk pergi sebelumnya!


  2. Sungguh menakjubkan….. Bertuah sungguh awak….dapat melancong ke serata tempat yang sungguh istimewa..!


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