Singapore holiday: a wet excursion to the TreeTop Walk …

I had always wanted to do the TreeTop Walk … for several years now. Ever since I learnt of its existence in Singapore … which was before I was married … and thus before I moved to Switzerland to join the hubby. However, my wish somehow failed to materialise until my recent visit to Singapore. Unfortunately, the day that we chose to go on this outing was not the best of day for us (hubby, myself, my sister and her hubby) to be doing the walk, weather-wise! However, as my sister and her hubby were game to try the walk, too … we thus had to choose a morning when all the four of us would be free to attempt the walk.

And it so happened that the weather forecasts for the rest of the week when we were still in Singapore (to do the walk) were not very congenial … therefore narrowing down our options in terms of the number of days left on which to go even further. Nonetheless, on the chosen morning … despite the not so favourable weather forecasts … as it was not raining, we decided to try our luck and proceeded to go ahead with the plan to do the TreeTop Walk, anyway.

And so we did … and what an adventure it turned out to be! It started to rain just as we were about to reach the start point of the suspension bridge (or the TreeTop Walk) at MacRitchie Nature Reserve … and continued to rain off and on after that.

But the good news was that we did manage to walk across the suspension bridge, despite the bad weather … so that I can now say that I have done the TreeTop Walk in Singapore! hehehe … 🙂

And here are the photos of our adventure attempting to walk across the suspension bridge above the canopy known as HSBC TreeTop Walk (as usual, just click any photo to open up a bigger version).

About to start on our trek to the TreeTop Walk at MacRitchie Nature Reserve. Given the weather forecasts for that day, we decided to do the trek via the shortest route possible … which is from Venus Drive car park.

Entering the nature reserve or protected secondary forest … with hubby leading the way.

Along some parts of the trek, there were tree stumps for one to step upon. And as you can see in the picture, they definitely came in handy on a wet morning after the heavy rain during the night before. However, their usefulness become more of a hindrance when one is caught in the middle of a heavy rain … as you will see in a later photo.

Hubby and brother-in-law clearing the path of fallen trees so as to make it passable again for us and for others after us.

Walking down a flight of stairs before crossing another small bridge along the trek. As the morning was wet, we had to be extra careful during our walk to make sure that we did not slip on the wet floor.

From the nature reserve, we then found ourselves out onto a road …

… and then walking past a fenced-up building …

… and then back into the nature reserve once again.

We were just about a hundred metres or so away  from the start of the suspension bridge when it started to rain. So out came the rain gear and umbrella (which we had made sure to bring with us given the weather forecasts for that morning and afternoon).

The rain started slowly but became heavier as we approached the small hut where a park ranger is stationed to keep an eye on the TreeTop Walk.  Awwwww … it was one of those days when we would have been glad if the weather forecasts had been wrong!

However, thank God for the ranger’s hut which provided shelter from the rain. Since we had already reached the start of the TreeTop Walk, we decided to try and wait for a while to see if the rain would let up so that we could try to cross the suspension bridge … rather than turning back to go home. (For obvious safety reason, it is not recommended to cross the bridge when it is raining and especially during a storm).

We filled our waiting time by enjoying the little goodies that we had brought with us that morning! hehehe …

Fortunately for us, after a false start (the rain let up a little for a short while before re-starting again just as we were about to cross the bridge) … the rain finally let up for the second time, just long enough for us to do our crossing! Yup … for a while there, we thought we would finally be welcoming the sun after the heavy rain … alas, it started to rain again just as we finished crossing the bridge (and thankfully, after taking our fill of photos on and from the bridge!) … and it did not let up until we nearly reached the car park where we had started our trail! Ish, ish, ish … the rain certainly knew how to add to the thrill of our adventure that morning!!! 😉

Looking and admiring the view of the surroundings … after the rain had stopped and allowed us to walk on the bridge.

The hubby … busy taking photos while on the HSBC TreeTop Walk

… just as I was! hehehe … 🙂

A view of Pierce Reservoir (?) from the TreeTop Walk.

From the bridge, we could see the top of the trees covered with mist as a result of the heavy rain that had just passed.

Having our photo taken together on the bridge as souvenir of the adventure that we had trying to get here!! 🙂

After reaching the gate on the other end of the TreeTop Walk, we could start to feel the drizzle of rain as the sky started to turn dark once again … before it turned into a heavy downpour, again! haizzz …

So we quickly left the TreeTop Walk (which is in one direction only, so no turning back) … and tried to find shelter from the pouring rain. Thankfully there was a rest hut at the top of the flight of stairs from the TreeTop Walk, where we could find some respite from the rain.

But the rain would not let up despite us waiting and hoping that it would for quite some time. And since we could not afford to wait any longer for the rain to subside (since we had to make our way back home in time for my nieces to come home from school) … we decided to brave the rain and continued to make our way back towards Venus Drive car park.

Sister and her hubby waiting under another shelter … for us to catch up with them.

Poor them … I did not think that they were expecting to get this much excitement … while trying to accompany their visitors from Switzerland to do the TreeTop Walk!! hehehe … 😉

Crossing yet another bridge along the trail as we made our way back. Unfortunately, the wooden path soon ended …

… and we then had to make our way back on trails that were filled with puddles of water … which got even worse as we got nearer and nearer to the end/start of the trails. But less you think we were the only foolish ones walking under this kind of condition that morning … we were not! We saw several other hikers there as we were making our way back … ‘enjoying’ the walk among nature under the rain … like us! hehehe … 🙂

This was how it was when we reached the section of the trails that we had walked past earlier in the morning! The trail was totally and absolutely flooded with rising water from the stream next to it … in some instances totally covering the tree stumps, thus making them a nuisance as we had to make sure that we did not accidentally trip on the stumps while finding our way through the flooded trail!!

The rain decided to kindly stop as soon as we reached the end of the trail before starting again not long after … which was just fortunate for us because it meant that we were able to remove our wet rain gear and put all the wet stuff in the boot before getting into the car!

And so that concluded our little adventure to the TreeTop Walk at MacRitchie Nature Reserve. Although the TreeTop Walk is not as long as the one at Malaysia’s National Park (which I did go on many years ago), I certainly had more fun attempting to do it. Despite … or maybe because of … the rain, I truly enjoyed the adventure that we had doing the excursion to the TreeTop Walk! hehehe … 🙂

Still …. I think, adventure-wise, it cannot be compared to the one that the hubby and I had when we did the excursion to the suspension bridge across the gorge of Massa in Aletsch … when we got lost in the alpine forest coming back! That was one experience that I would not care to repeat at all!! But then … that is exactly what we are going to do tomorrow. No, not trying to get lost in the forest (I hope not again!!) … but we will be going on another trip to cross another suspension bridge over another gorge and near another glacier, this time to Trift Bridge! yeahhhh …. I loikeee!!! 🙂

If you are curious to see what we hope to do tomorrow click here … and you will understand why I am sooo excited about the prospect of going there on the excursion tomorrow!

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  1. Yelah, apa nak buat… Tapi oklah, janji dapat juga jalan kat atas TreeTop Walk tu, alhamdullilah… 🙂


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