Singapore holiday: a visit to the newly opened Gardens by the Bay … the continuation …

Apart from the two cool conservatories … which we did not have the opportunity to visit, although from what I have read and from the few pictures that I have seen, they were really ‘cool’ places to visit … the other star attraction of the Gardens by the Bay have got to be the Supertrees. Most of these giant trees (12 of them) which can reach as high as 16 storeys high are to be found in the Supertree Grove. So we spent quite some time in the grove, admiring and taking different shots of these giant tree structures.

And since we arrived in the area quite late in the evening … we later realised when it turned dark that the trees were beautifully lit up at night!! Unfortunately my tiny Nikon CoolPix S3100 camera does not take pictures very well at night and the hubby has yet to learn the fine art of using his Nikon P100 for nighttime shots. But we tried our best and took lots and lots of photos … so that hopefully some would turn out to be decent enough for sharing! And thankfully, there were some! 🙂

So here are more shots of the superb looking Supertrees(click to enlarge any photo you wish to see bigger).

Going down the staircase and about to enter the Supertree Grove

… as we left the two cool conservatories behind us.

The giant Supertrees as seen from close … with the circular skyway standing out against the evening light.

The area is quite pretty but as I wrote in the previous entry … give it more time and the Gardens will look even nicer once the trees have grown to their mature size and all the under plantings are more established and have filled up all the spaces.

One of the two 25 metre high vertical gardens or giant trees that have a connecting bridge for visitors to walk on and enjoy a different view of the Gardens.

Initially we were debating on whether or not we would do the walk on the 128 metre long OCBC Skyway. We were very interested in doing so and the fee was not too expensive either ($5 per person) … but after looking at the long queues, we decided to give the Skyway a miss, too! We would rather use the time to walk around the area as it was starting to get a little late in the evening … than spending it by waiting in line to go up the Skyway!

So we filled our time walking around the grove to soak up the scene and the atmosphere … happily taking lots of snapshots of the area … entertained by music that came out of the speakers positioned in strategic locations among the trees and plants in the grove! hehehe … 🙂

A view of the Supertrees and the Skyway from below, against the evening light.

Another view of the same subject.

And yet another! The beautiful evening light was just to good an opportunity not to be missed for taking many snapshots of the Supertrees and the Skyway lah! 😉

By the way, the giant tree on the right with a crown like top is the tallest of all the Supertrees. Standing at 50 metre tall, it houses a bistro where you can chill out and enjoy a drink or a meal while admiring the view of the Gardens and the Marina skyline.

Hubby trying to take a ‘artistic shot’ of one of the giant trees?? 😉

We later went to a small garden grove next to the giant trees.

The view of one side of that small garden grove … with beautifully laid out path.

And the view of the other side with one of the giant trees providing a nice backdrop.

Leaving the Supertree Grove to make our way across the Gardens … to go back and also to look for dinner!

The Supertrees slowly started to glow as night started to fall … as we made our way back along the boardwalk.  I have read since that some of the Supertrees are embedded with an apparatus that helps to harness solar energy to help lit up the trees at night. Nice … since we have something similar on our balcony with our solar lamps!

Passing through the Heritage Gardens which comprise Malay, Chinese, Indian and Colonial Gardens … as we made our way out of the Gardens.

And increasingly, we could see the Supertrees starting to take on a more and more beautiful glow as the skyline was becoming darker and darker. I have to say that … while I find the Supertrees arresting in the daylight … I thought that they were simply magnificent at night!!

We were really glad to have made that visit to the Gardens late in the day so that we were able to enjoy part of the light and sound display at night, without even knowing about it! If only I had had a better camera, I would have lurved to take many shots of the Supertrees glowing so beautifully in the dark. However, I think the picture above was not too bad a shot from my tiny Nikon lah! 🙂

Leaving the Supertree Grove glowing in the darkening light …

… and walking across a bridge … with a view of Marina Bay Sands all lit up on our left.

A shot of Dragonfly Lake with Marina Bay Sands and the buildings in Shenton Way (in the distance) all beautifully lit up in the darkening sky.

While walking towards the Marina area … as the hubby was keen to see another famous icon in the Marina Bay area, the Helix Bridge … we saw a group of seats that glowed in the dark when you sit on them. We managed to find an empty seat and we sat there for several minutes just to enjoy the gentle night breeze and the beautiful Marina Bay skyline with an unobstructed view of the Singapore Flyer.

Unfortunately, the call of our stomach was getting louder … so we soon left the seat to make our way towards Helix Bridge so that the hubby could satisfy his wish of seeing and walking on the Helix Bridge and we could then later satisfy our stomach! 🙂

The Helix Bridge … which definitely looks more impressive at night when it is all lit up in blue.

One of my favourite shots of that night … the beautiful skyline as seen from Helix Bridge. The white colour and unique design of the ArtScience Museum really make it stand out in this shot, do you not agree?

And another … which captured Helix Bridge, Marina Bay Sands and the ArtScience Museum in a single shot and taken before we left the area to head towards the bus stop.

So, I hope you have enjoyed the photos that I shared of Gardens by the Bay. If you are interested in finding out more about these uniquely beautiful Gardens, their visiting hours, diary of events, etc … then their website is the best place to do so. You can click here for the website.

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