Singapore holiday: a visit to the newly opened Gardens by the Bay …

Today was a nice sunny Saturday … a real summer day after the cold weather that greeted us upon coming back from our holiday in Northern Italy. It would have been a great day to do a small excursion to somewhere … but … we decided to stay home and catch up with some outstanding errands. And for me, that will be trying to finish the entry that I had started before leaving for our holiday … that of our visit to Singapore! And so here it is …

The plan (as what we would normally do when the hubby visits Singapore) was to try to include a short get-away to a neighbouring country in Southeast Asia … but, in the end, the hubby spent the whole of his 10 days’ holiday in Singapore! I think the strong heat and humidity in Singapore (in addition to the jet lag) when he arrived the first few days got to him … and so he ended spending quite a bit of his Singapore holiday making friends with the bed and sofa at my sister’s place as he was continuously feeling lethargic (although he is keen to remind me that this must have been his 9th, 10th or 11th visit – he has lost track)! Poor hubby.

But we did go out and managed to do some of the necessary shopping for him … and for me, too. And in between that, plus visiting some of the more senior members of my family and celebrating my sister’s wedding … we managed to fit in a few excursions to some parts of Singapore. And one of them was to Singapore’s latest attraction at Marina Bay, known as Gardens by the Bay … which happened to open its door on 29th June, while we were there! Soooo lucky, were we not? 🙂

However since we left home a little on the late side, we did not get to check out all the attractions that this new garden has to offer! Despite this, we ended spending a few hours in the Gardens and did not get home until quite late!

My eldest sister loves the place so much that she had already visited it twice within a week of its opening. As for me … well, although I love the Gardens too … but I think I will give it some time before I will go back for another visit. And the reason for this? It is because we were among the lucky thousands of people who got to visit the Gardens just a few days after it was opened … so I find much of the planting landscape still a little sketchy. Give them a year or two, and I think the Gardens will look even better when the plants are bigger and more established and thus fill the Gardens even more. So … I am keen to visit the Gardens again … but just not too soon lah!

Anyway, this was just the first phase of the Gardens by the Bay. 29th June was the opening of the first and the largest of the three waterfront gardens — the Bay South Garden. Over the next three years, two more gardens will be added to make Gardens by the Bay a gigantic complex of three waterfront gardens, costing billions of Singapore dollars! But that will only happens in 2015.

And since we stayed hours in the newly opened Bay South Garden … despite a late start … we therefore managed to take quite a lot of photos between the two of us! 🙂 But since I cannot upload all the photos that we took … so these are just the ones which I quite like and which I think will best highlight the Gardens as we saw them that day. Unfortunately, since we did not have the time to visit the two conservatories, Flower Dome and Forest Cloud … so there are no photos of these two conservatories … 😦

Hmmm … maybe in another visit to Singapore and the Gardens lah!

Making our way through the underground pass after getting off the MRT at Bayfront station. There are clear signs to show the direction to follow, so there is no reason not to find your way to the Gardens by the Bay easily.

And our first glimpse of the new Gardens by the Bay, with Supertrees towering in the background … as we exited the MRT station and the underpass.

As we made our towards Gardens by the Bay, we could see crowds heading towards the Dragonfly Lake.

So we followed the crowd … and got our first good look at the Supertrees from across Dragonfly Lake. My first thought was … since it was my first look at the trees, not even knowing about them until I had stepped foot outside the underpass from the MRT station … wow, these structures really look interesting!

I could not say that I found the Supertrees beautiful … but I certainly thought that they were very interesting and quite-futuristic looking.  And they indeed looked impressive from anywhere I looked at them. The connecting bridge between two of the trees especially made the structures even more impressive. If I were to ignore the surroundings and just focus on the these gigantic tree structures alone … I could imagine myself in some alien world like in a sci-fi movie! hehehe … 🙂

The views to the left and right of Dragonfly Lake.

As a sign clearly states ‘Caution Open Boardwalk’ … so do not forget to mind yourself and your steps while walking and taking photos beside the lake!!

The view of the Supertrees from exactly across the lake … where you could see very clearly people walking on the connecting bridge, known as OCBC Skyway.

And this was the view to the back from where we were standing from across the Supertrees … the impressive Marina Bay Sands. From here …

… we decided to turn left and made our way along the boardwalk to try and cross the Dragonfly Lake in order to get to the other side.

As you might have notice from this picture, there is a bridge that cuts across Dragonfly Lake (known as Dragonfly Bridge) … but from what we could see, the crossing could only be done from Marina Bay Sands. So we decided to take the other, much shorter bridge located on one end of the boardwalks to get to the other side of the lake.

Another view of the Supertrees from across Dragonfly Lake … as we made our way along the boardwalk.

And that of a smaller cluster of Supertrees … with the domes of the two conservatories clearly visible in the background.

The pathway leading to the other end of the Gardens … with the Singapore Flyer in the distance.

But, of course, we chose to turn right and crossed the bridge so as to get to the conservatories … and to the Supertrees.

The main cluster of Supertrees as seen from the bridge.

And a closer shot of the smaller cluster of Supertrees in the Silver garden.

A statue of a bullock showered with the evening sunlight against the backdrop of swamp grass and the Supertrees.

The view of Dragonfly Lake and Marina Bay Sands from the same spot (as above)..

I believe you could walk around the Dragonfly Lake in one complete round … but since we did not have the time to do so, I was not able to verify this lah!

The entrance to the two cool conservatories, Forest Cloud and Flower Dome. As there was an entrance fee of $28 per person (for adult), we decided to give the conservatories a miss as it was already evening when we reached the Gardens.

We just did a short tour of the area around the conservatories before making our way to the main cluster of Supertrees known as Supertree Grove.

And this was how it looked like as we made our way towards the grove.

However, I will end the entry here for now and will share more photos of the Supertree Grove in the next entry. We stayed in the area until it turned dark … and so I would love to share some of the nice photos that we took of these trees and in particular the night shots of the area that we managed to capture. But it would have been a bit too much to share all of them in one single entry … so check out the next entry, ok?

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