About ready to be picked …

Before I start on another series of entries of the excursions that the hubby and I did … this time while we were in Singapore … let me share, first,  on something more recent lah.

So, what better topic to share than on my balcony garden! hehehe … 🙂

If you have read the last update on my balcony garden at the end of July, you will have seen several photos of my tomato plants which are fruiting very nicely.  And now, almost two weeks later, quite a number of them have turned a beautiful shade of colours … which can only mean that they are soon ready … if they are not already … to be picked!! yeayyy … 🙂

I have been wanting to start picking some of my little darlings since last week  but the hubby wanted to let them stay on the trees for a while longer so as to make sure that they are 100% ripe before I would do so.

But I think they are sooo ready to be picked … from the tone of their colour … even though it  might not be very obvious from the photos below.

Pineapple tomatoes. The hubby could not stop exclaiming how red the big one in the foreground is turning into since more than a week ago. Strangely … the other two smaller ones do not have the same curves as this one here … and thus look rather plain in comparison!

Bejbino cherry tomatoes. These cherry tomatoes might seem more orangey than red here … but, actually, the red colour is very much darker than on this photo! And I just love how it has not stopped producing. As such, I infer that we should be able to enjoy these cherry tomatoes well into autumn … hopefully!

Yellow pear tomatoes. Even more of these cute pear tomatoes are turning a nice shade of yellow.  I had wanted to pick these since last week, too … but the hubby suggested waiting for a while longer! And just like the Bejbino cherry tomatoes, these cuties are also very prolific and the two plants have not stopped flowering and producing.

Cornue Andes tomatoes … the most precious of all the tomatoes that I am growing this year (there are 7 different varieties) … since I do not have any stock of their seeds and as they are not an easy variety to find in the nurseries in the Lausanne region. They too have started to turn a nice shade of orange and red since a few days ago. Hopefully, I will be able to save some of their seeds (although I read that these tomatoes do not have many seeds) so that I can try to grow them from seeds next year.

However, all the joyful excitement that I felt at seeing how well these Andes tomatoes have been growing for the past two weeks on my balcony was severely doused after the visit to the parents yesterday. I will share the photos of their tomatoes in my next entry so that you can understand why this is so lah!

The different type of strawberries … they are still growing but just not producing as well as before our Singapore holidays. Recently however, I saw that the pink flowered variety had started reproducing a new flush of strawberries which are starting to turn red.  Hopefully, the other varieties will do the same …

Yellow peppers. I have just come to realise that this yellow pepper (which, as explained in a previous entry, I was unable to find information on it as I do not know which variety it belongs to) … is of a tiny variety! These peppers have not grown any bigger since 2 weeks ago but two of them have started to change colour. They are only as big as the size of my thumb, that is how tiny they are … which made me wonder whether they are going to be very hot!? The nice thing is that more flower buds are forming which I hope will turn into more cute tiny peppers. 🙂

Red chillies. This variety bought from the same place as the yellow pepper above (with no specific name given) is a disappointment, just like the Hungarian pepper plant behind it. To date,  these are the only two chillies that the plant has produced so far. The size is smaller than what I had expected … and I can only hope that it will TRY to produce more chillies for me before the cold weather starts! The same goes for the Hungarian pepper plant!

Golden ball turnips. I had harvested one not long after coming back from Singapore … and found that I do not really like the taste of it. But since I still have plenty of the seeds, I suppose I will continue to grow them … and by the look of the ones here, they should be ready to be picked.  They just have to grow as big as a golf ball before they can be harvested.

Cucumber. I still have not been very successful with growing cucumbers even though this is my second year trying to do so. This is only the second cucumber that I will get to harvest this growing season … with another one still  no bigger than my little finger! I am not sure whether being left for more than 3 weeks during their growing season might be the cause of it. But since we are still eating through the first cucumber that I harvested not long after coming home (it keeps really well in the fridge unlike those supermarket bought ones … and it is fatter too!) … so I suppose I cannot complain about not having many cucumbers to harvest lah! As long as I can pick one every 2-3 weeks, I think it is more than enough to meet our cucumber needs! hehehe … 😉

White onions. I could already start to harvest some of them … but in this particular instance it is me (and not the hubby) that feels that maybe they should be left in the ground for a little longer! But since I already have another batch growing, so maybe it is time to start picking some of them for my use. Not that I have not been picking any onions …

Just last week, I decided to harvest some of the onions and garlic growing on my balcony. They are not very big … but as long they can be used in the kitchen, then I would consider it okay lah! 🙂

Sweet corns. My two and only sweet corns growing on my balcony. From what I could determine from checking the corns earlier today… and by the dark colour of their silks, they are ready to be picked.  So, I am going to do just that … so that the hubby and I can try and compare the taste with the supermarket-bought sweet corn that we have at home!

Last but not least, pepino melon … the other precious plant in my balcony garden because it is a plant that is not normally sold in nurseries here, nor can we find the fruit in the supermarkets here. Both fruits have now started to show their stripes! But so far no other fruit has formed … mainly because it has not been flowering. But recently I could see that a new flush of flowers are starting to form … so maybe with the warmer weather right now, it might help with the formation of a few more melons! We’ll see …

And before I end … let me wish my beloved homeland a Happy 47th Birthday, today! I hope it will continue to prosper and do well by its people … Majulah Singapura!!! 🙂


2 thoughts on “About ready to be picked …

  1. Salam Ros,
    Yes, akhirnya it is time to start harvesting! Tapi bila tengok the tomatoes and other fruits looking good on the trees, macam sayang gitu nak petik! But I picked some of the cherry tomatoes yesterday to put on pizza and they were so sweet! Tak sama dgn yg kat kedai! Next year, I will defintiely plant these tomatoes again! If you want the seeds, let me know.


  2. Salam CT,

    Akhirnya saat yang dinantikan tiba jua..! Congratulations CT..i think you can be a good farmer. So jealous looking at all your plant…loveeeee it..! Can use the tomatoes and pepper as ingredients to make pizza…yummmyyy


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