400th entry … and a happy birthday to you …

As this entry, the four hundredth, is being published in the early hours of CT’s birthday, I thought I would take this opportunity to my wish dear second half a very happy birthday as well as congratulate her for having added two hundred entries since 25 July 2011.

Especially since it is ‘hard work writing and sharing on a blog‘ (as was acknowledged in CT’s two hundredth post Time for reflection…).

Yet I feel that CT’s hard work has resulted in better entries (I am sure that if you were to compare for instance our most recent mountain excursion with the first such trip CT wrote about, you would agree with me).

Interestingly, this improvement has also been mirrored in her gardening skills: thus compare the latest balcony garden update with Have you heard of this fruit…? or April showers… and you will see what I mean (and it is not simply because our previous balcony was much smaller).

This certainly bodes well for the future, be it for the readers of ctzan.wordpress or for my stomach (as our balcony garden primarily hosts edible plants)…

PS as I am not a good cook, there will not be any such goodies for my dear half from me later today when the sun sets – maybe a few hours’ sleep will yield some ideas on how to make up for this …

– The hubby

(Published on:  29 July 2012 @ 0:00; amended 29 July: 19:28)

Hubby’s favourite entries: (even though my dear second half will frown upon such self-promotion)


4 thoughts on “400th entry … and a happy birthday to you …

  1. Please tell her all our best wishes for her Birthday ! hip hip hourra
    Claire & Seb


  2. Salam CT,

    Selamat menyambut hari ulangtahun..! Semoga di panjangkan usia, sihat sejahtera, dimurahkan rezeki dan bahagia selalu.


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