An afternoon at the beach in Lutry…

After coming back from the parents on Wednesday, I did not stay home for long … but soon made my way towards Paudex once I had quickly seen to some household chores and prepared a light packed lunch … for a date at the lakeside. A much overdue date, in fact.

Of course not with the hubby lah … since I had just left him in Geneva that morning near his office … but a date with a good friend whom I had met not long after arriving here in Lausanne when we took the same French class. I had not seen her for many months because whenever we were thinking of meeting up, it was either that she was not here (and was back in Brazil to visit her hometown) or it was  that I was away on a trip with the hubby or even in Singapore for home visit.

So before fasting starts, we decided to meet up. Thankfully, the weather has been quite wonderful for the past few days … apart from the rainy Sunday … so it was a nice day to spend the afternoon at the beach.

Unfortunately, it is now the summer break. So even though it was in the middle of the week, the beach was crowded … argghh! Luckily it was just a date with a girlfriend and not the hubby. Otherwise, not very romantic lah! hehehe … 🙂

I did not take many photos as we were too busy chatting away … trying to catch up with each other’s news after many months … but I did take a few to show what a beautiful day it was.

Making our way towards the lakeside area in Paudex, after leaving her flat.

It was less crowded here at the lakeside near her flat. But since I was hoping to collect some sand, so we made our way towards Lutry where there is a small beach area … not knowing that it would be very crowded!

Walking along the lakeside promenade towards the direction of Lutry. A beautiful sunny day, no?

On some of these jetties, there were some sun-tanners lying on them. Seriously, I do not know how they could bear lying there with the sun glaring down on their exposed bodies … because I could really feel the burning heat from the sun just from walking to the beach from my friend’s place  … and I could not wait to reach a shaded area so that I could get out from the strong glare of the afternoon sun! ish, ish, ish …

A cruise ship passing by as we were walking … which reminded me that we have yet to do any cruising on Lac Léman this year. So that will be one of the things on our summer agenda lah! 🙂

The beach area at Lutry … looking quite crowded from this distance … oh, oh.

We managed to find a spot in the shade (which I think was not quite what my Brazilian friend had in mind when I suggested having a picnic at the lake! hehehe :)) … on the beach. Not quite the sandy beach that I had in mind, but close enough lah!

Since it is school summer holidays here in Switzerland (although the start, end and length varies from one canton to another), there was therefore quite a number of children on the beach … most came with their families but there were some who came as part of their class excursion during the summer holiday.

Despite the sunny day … it was not all nice and warm in the water, by the way … but was quite chilly! So, although you can see a number of people enjoying the water in the picture … the two of us, however, agreed to stay put on our beach towel and not play in the water! hehehe … 🙂

A group of children decided to catch some fish in the lake. There was certainly plenty of fish in the lake and they were easy enough to catch even without a fishing net … errr … just not big enough to be had for a meal lah! But it was fun seeing them doing so and it reminded me when I did the same when I was very young. 😉

This little girl, however … manage to catch and ride a big fish! 😉

And this cute little toddler … was having as much fun playing with the sand on the beach not far from us. She is a friendly one, too. Ahhh … it was really lovely spending the afternoon at the beach that day.

And on that note … I would like to wish a lovely and blessed Ramadan to all Muslims!

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6 thoughts on “An afternoon at the beach in Lutry…

  1. Selamat menjalani ibadah Puasa dan enjoy Ramadhan Kareem month follow by


  2. Hello Josephine, I hope you get to visit this area of Switzerland then as it is not that far from Germany and there are enough activities to do around here to keep you busy for several days. The only caveat is that the weather has become unpredictable, but this is not a phenomenon limited to the canton of Vaud (or even to Switzerland).
    The hubby


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