Fruit trees at the parents’ in summer…

On Tuesday, the hubby and I visited the parents to see how they were doing.  It had been more than a month since our last visit there … so, as the mom was quick to tell me, I had missed quite a lot of what had been going on in their garden … such as the flowering season of many of the flowers in their garden … and the cherries, too. But it seems that unlike last year when they had managed to collect almost 100 kilos of cherries, this year the two cherry trees are not producing. They did flower but the flowers did not turn into cherries, what a pity. But that is how it is with fruit trees.

But as you might remember from the previous entry that I shared on their garden, there were several fruit trees in their garden … and, at the time, the fruits were still developing. So in this visit I decided to check out their development stage. Unfortunately, they were still not quite ripe for plucking yet. We shall need to come back again in a week or so … if I want to have a fruit-picking session at their garden. Oh well … a week is not too long to wait, is it? 🙂

Ok, enjoy these photos of the fruits growing in their garden …

The first one that I was very interested in checking … was the grapevines. And they were certainly growing very well this year. In fact, the daddy-man had to build a metal structure so that they would be able to climb and grow even higher. Check out the grapes hanging all over … envy, envy …

Close-up of the bunches of grapes hanging from the vines. Still another 2 months or so before they are ready to be picked. I cannot wait to do so! 🙂

And remember these? They are the Nashi pears (or buah lai in Malay).

They have grown bigger since my last visit, but … still not ready for picking.

And then there are the  kiwis … which the hubby had tried to help to trim on his birthday. They have grown too.

I was expecting to see lots of them hanging from the trellis since there had seemed quite a number of fruit buds the last time I was here … but there were not. Still, there are plenty enough for the parents … and for us, if we remember to come at the right time for picking. However, I am not too overly fond of kiwis … even though I love to see the fruits hanging from the vines. So if we do pick any, it will be more for the hubby lah.

And then, there was the apricot tree. The apricots have taken a nice colour … but were still a little hard … i.e not fully ripe for picking lah.

But since the daddy-man was eager for me to try his favourite fruit … he tried to search for one that is soft enough to be picked and eaten. He managed to find one. It was nice and crunchy … but still a little sour as it was not fully ripe. But despite the sourness, it still tasted wayyyy better than the store-bought apricots that the daddy-man had on the dinner table!

And on our way back to the dinner table he also pointed out to me his latest addition to the garden (one which he had planted while we have been away) …

… a yellow prune tree!

And yes, the tree is fruiting too, although you might not be able to see the fruits from this distance (as I had taken this shot in a hurry since we were in the midst of finishing dinner when the daddy-man asked me to follow him down to the garden to pick an apricot for me to have for dessert!).

I am beginning to like the daddy-man fruit garden even more and more! hehehe … 🙂

Errr … before I end the entry, check out their Andes tomatoes … which made me very, very envious.

They are growing really well … and … look so juicy!

They are definitely bigger than the ones I have growing on my balcony! Obviously, the mom is a much better gardener than me lah! haiizzz …

She even has the courgette seedling that I gave her growing very well with the leaves soooo much bigger than mine! In fact, I lost one of my courgette plants who was growing quite well before I left for my holiday. There is still one left and I am hoping that I would at least get to harvest one or two courgettes from it!! We will see …

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4 thoughts on “Fruit trees at the parents’ in summer…

  1. Salam Ros,

    I ni pun rajin jugak membaca tapi tak rajin sangat nak mencari benda2 yg diperlukan, terlebih lagi barang2 kat sini bukan dlm bahasa Inggeris. So, tu yg kadang2 susah nak cari benda yg I perlukan. Kadang2 tanya hubby I, dia sendiri tak tahu apa benda yg I tunjuk kat dia pasal dia tak minat dlm hal2 menanam!So, nak kena tunggu sampai I balik Sg baru dpt beli benda2 seperti fish bone meal, Epsom salt, etc. Leceh.

    Salam Ramadan to you and family, too.


  2. Salam Ct,

    Nampak gayanya sama saja kita ni..suka menanam tapi main hentam je.. Apa kata kita ubah sikit cara kita ni, kita jadikan mother in-law awak sebagai guru @ mentor untuk membakar semangat kita berdua. Huuhhhh geram sungguh…!

    Saya ucapkan selamat menyambut ketibaan bulan puasa, bulan yang penuh dengan keberkatan.


  3. Salam Ros,

    Bukan you sorang, I pun cemburu jugak! I think not only tanahnya subur but my mentua rajin membaca to find out what soils are best to grow what. Itu yg menjadi! I main pakai organic soil aja, and then taruh baja to help them to grow. So, the results tak sama!


  4. Salam CT,

    Sesungguhnya saya amat cemburu….cantiiiikkkknya pokok-pokok di rumah mertua awak tu..!!!! Tentu subur tanahnya kan.


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