Trying my luck at picking berries at Mont Sauvabelin…

So, as you might have read the post by the hubby yesterday, we decided to make our first visit to Mont Sauvabelin for this summer two days ago.  Remembering how much fun the hubby and I had picking the different type of berries which can be found in the woods of Sauvabelin last year … I thought that it was time to do so. Especially since we have yet to do any berry picking this year … and I feared the wild strawberries season in the woods might already be over. So, I decided that maybe it was time to go into the woods … so that we would not miss the raspberry season as well.

So after returning some library books at a municipal library not very far from our place, I proceeded to make my way … on my scooter … to the woods of Mont Sauvabelin. After not using the scooter for nearly a year, it felt a little wobbly initially riding it … and I therefore refrained from going too fast, especially when going downhill. But after several minutes of riding it, I soon became quite comfortable and was more confident.

Unfortunately, I got a little too confident too soon. Just before I reached the start of the woods near the metro station at Sallaz, bolstered by my new-found confidence in my ability to ride the scooter, I went down the slope a little too fast … and although I did think that maybe it would be better if I stopped and walked across the gravel path leading to the edge of the woods in Sallaz … I chose to try to ride it out … and then cursed myself for choosing to do so! As you might have guessed it, I fell. My scooter abruptly stopped as soon as it hit the gravel path and I went flying off my scooter. Oh shuckkss …

I picked myself up very quickly, so as not to embarrass myself (since there was traffic on the road at that time) … and although I initially did not feel any pain … I saw that the jean on my left knee was torn and soon there was some red spot … oh shessssh, can’t believe I cut myself during the fall! 

My torn and blood-stained jean  … as a result of doing a leap over my scooter onto a gravel path. 😉

There were also slight grazes on my palms, when I tried to stop my fall … but other than the initial stinging, I was fine. So … as you might have gathered from reading the hubby’s entry yesterday … I decided to go ahead  to go into the woods despite my slight mishap to try to look for some raspberries.

Entering the woods of Sauvabelin … keeping my eyes wide open and looking to my left and right … hoping that I would see some ripe raspberries … to pick.

However … I did not find any on this side of the woods … at least not until I got nearer to the wooden hall of Sauvabelin.

It was only near there that I saw some red raspberries among the bushes … yeaayyy … found them! Unfortunately, despite the red look, they were not quite ripe yet. You could tell that they still need a bit more time when the berries do not come off easily from its stalk! haizzz …

But I did manage to pluck a few that were reasonably ripe … before making my way to the other side of the woods beyond the carpark. From last year’s experience, there should be more raspberries plants in that area.

But before leaving, I could not help but look in amazement at …

… these bushes. What might not be seen very clearly on this picture  …

… are these lovelies. In case you wonder what they are … they are blackberries just after flowering! And there were just sooooo many of them. Oh wow!

However, since it is still not their season yet, I therefore made my way to the other side … to go look for more raspberries, a fruit which is supposed to be in season now.

Going into my favourite part of Mont Sauvabelin … where last year, the hubby and I had the pleasure of picking wild strawberries, raspberries and blackberries. We could have even picked some apples and hazelnuts … but somehow failed to make our way here during their ripening season. Hmmm … maybe this year, perhaps?

I managed to find a few raspberry bushes with some red berries on them.

… but not only were the raspberries quite small, they were also not quite ripe. And yes, there really were only a few bushes of them this year, unlike last year. Such a disappointment, I can tell you that. I had come with a medium-sized plastic container hoping to at least half-filled it with these red berries …

… but I only managed to bring home this many berries that evening! Haizzzz … it was just not my day lah. First the tumble (from my scooter) … and then only a few berries to make up for it!

But … all is not lost lah …

At least from this visit, I now know that this year will be a good year for blackberry picking at Mont Sauvabelin … if I remember to go into these woods when they are ripe, that is! hehehe … 🙂

Because you see … although I could not see many raspberry bushes with berries … I did see plenty of blackberry bushes … all of them full of blackberries waiting to grow bigger and to ripen! Just check out the branch above, fully laden with developing blackberries.

And also … now that I could recognize hazelnut trees better, I have come to realise that there are plenty of hazelnut trees in the area, too!

Although not all of them are bearing hazelnuts …

… there were several trees that do. Nice! 🙂 Something for me to look forward to … and something to make the visit that day as not a total failure.

In fact, we even saw some apples on an apple tree … but they were still quite small and not quite ripe. Strangely though, we could see no apples on the other tree which last year was full of apples!

And since I decided not to ride my scooter after falling off it and hurt my knee … the hubby decided that he would ride it instead. Actually, he offered to have me as pillion … but errr … probably he had forgotten that it is really a mini scooter meant for a single youngster… not an actual scooter meant for two adults! ish … ish … ish … 🙂

But of course we did not immediately go back home … but decided to do a quick detour to the lookout point, Signal de Sauvabelin, to enjoy the beautiful view from there … which I shall share about in the next entry.

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6 thoughts on “Trying my luck at picking berries at Mont Sauvabelin…

  1. Thanks Ros, I have had a quick look at it, nampak macam quite nice, too. Cuma the internet connection is a little slow today so I have no patience to wait for the photos to load fully. But will eheck it out again.


  2. Adat menunggang scooter, kadang2 kita naik dia, kadang2 dia naik kita! hehehe …Insyaallah, kalau I rajin pergi mengutip berries lagi, I will take photos. Maybe kalau ranum time bulan puasa, boleh buat ganti kurma utk buka puasa! hehehhe … 🙂


  3. Salam again CT,

    Just want to let you know about 1 new blog that i just found today. I hope you will visit it when you are free. Very nice picture and story, i myself has not yet finish reading about it.


  4. Salam CT,

    Oh dear..! kesiannya, awak terjatuh! Next time kena lebih berhati-hati ok. Give the berries some times to ripe and don’t forget to take foto picking them. See you.!


  5. Hi Kak Nor,

    Bienvenue, welcome … and thank you for visiting my blog. I hope you will enjoy reading all the little misadventures that I shared here. 🙂



  6. Hi Ros… just stumbled on your blog from LG’s blog. Have not read much yet but scan thru your pictures and they were gorgeous! i love reading blogs of singaporean or malaysian who have uprooted (permanently or temporarily) to another country. Its like ready a fairy tale book all over again. Looking forward to reading more of your entries.


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