‘Scuba plage’, a summer beach near our home, at Sallaz …

Yesterday, we finally got to enjoy again a summer evening at … the nearby forest of Sauvabelin. Although we had experienced a most enjoyable trip there with my cousin David in autumn of last year, it is even a more pleasurable experience to go there after work in summer when there is this beautiful golden light set against the lush green of the area … I am really so fond of this place at this time of the year …

My second half had kindly proposed to return some overdue library books of mine together with those she had borrowed to a library about a kilometre away from the forest, thinking she could then kill two birds with one stone and go to the forest to check whether there would still be any berries left for picking.

I made the mistake of suggesting she take her scooter, but you will find out more about this in a future entry.

I met her in the forest after my commute back to Lausanne from work … and we then made our way to Signal de Sauvabelin to enjoy the stunning views of the lake and surroundings from this lookout point.

Having left the woods and crossed the recently opened pedestrian bridge across the road … what did we see that reminded us of Singapore?

Nothing else than …

… ‘Scuba plage’ or ‘scuba beach’ in English …

Under the pretext that the area was covered under the sea (complete with corals) some 20 million years ago, the association of local businesses of Sallaz-Vennes bought into the idea of sponsoring an area covered in sand, adding a few seats, two small huts supposed to be beach huts, a few plants and structures which reminded me of Singapore’s Super Trees at Gardens by the Bay … Strange coincidence to see similar structures near home … no?

Although I quite liked this reworking of the Paris Plages concept, the wind made it a little chilly … so that we decided not to sponsor the place by having drinks … for that evening at least. Probably for this very same reason (unless it was attributable to the newness of this concept), there were not many people  at Scuba plage … so I hope this does not bode poorly for a repeat of the concept next year because I think it is a great idea to use up space that was recently freed up by a road deviation to create an area to relax and socialise for the local community.

– The hubby

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