Two generations apart …

Any idea what this might be?

I admit that the (dirty) case might prove a little distracting … What about this next picture?

It is an old Nokia 9500 Communicator in the aluminium case that I had bought on the Internet and which I got the Hong Kong manufacturer to send to me by post so as to protect this expensive telephone. The Nokia 9500 Communicator was one of the ancestors of today’s smart phones … It offered connectivity via Bluetooth, infrared, WiFi, etc, plus fax and email. It also had a Web browser and built-in software applications such as a word processor, a spreadsheet, a presentation program, a calculator and a MP3 player. It also had a camera allowing to take stills and video …

Although I am still very fond of this phone and utterly enjoy the curious glances thrown at my Nokia 9500 Communicator (especially by teenagers whenever they see me checking text messages on it), I felt that its weight as well as the number of interesting applications available on smartphones warranted an upgrade …  In fact, just the Friday before the last weekend of Art Basel 2012 I had almost purchased a Nokia smartphone so as to be able to take pictures of the art work on display at the fair as my bulky Nikon would not have made it through the checkpoint …

I had made up my mind on purchasing a descendent of the Nokia 9500 Communicator, the Nokia Lumia 900, for several reasons. Firstly because I have found the Nokia 9500 Communicator to be a robust and reliable phone. Secondly because I had read some good reviews of the Nokia Lumia 900Thirdly because I was interested in the fact that this phone runs on a Windows-based operating systems and has the Microsoft Office word processor, spreadsheet and presentation programs (I am not a fan of Microsoft products but I felt that this would be a plus in case I wished to be doing anything related to work on this phone).

Last but not least, I felt that as a happy Nokia customer it was almost my duty to purchase a smartphone from them now that I wanted to go for a hardware upgrade as they finally appeared to have managed to put on the market a decent smartphone (the phone has received several awards).

The display on this phone is also quite good … and should thus allow us to access the ctzan.wordpress admin while we are on our little errands … Hopefully, we ought to be able to provide updates to this blog more regularly even while we are away…

– The hubby (better to sign off as myself, so as to not to put any pressure on my second half).


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