Chance discovery…

Yesterday evening (after watering the plants, of course), while looking through the window of our bedroom to enjoy the superb view of Lac Léman, Lausanne-Sallaz and the forest of Sauvabelin I caught sight of two specks of white above the chunks of land seemingly jutting out into the lake on the horizon, illuminated by the rays of sun which had managed to pierce through the clouds. Knowing that at this time of the day the light might change within a minute or two, I decided not to try to look for my binoculars but rather grab my camera and use its zoom lens to find out what these shining specks of white were.

Unfortunately, the picture above turned out to be much darker than the actual view itself … so do not even bother to take out your magnifying glass to look for white specks on this shot.

However, it is a different matter if you look at the following picture (shot using the zoom lens of my Nikon Coolpix P100):

In particular, the spike-like speck in the middle of this picture got me all excited as I thought I was able to discern a famous landmark of the city where I was born. As such, I decided to zoom in even further. However, without using a tripod, this proved to be quite a difficult task as with the zoom lens almost fully extended out (it supports 26x), the effect of camera shake was far too strong to capture this spike of white on the horizon without any blur effect …

However, I made several attempts …

and in the process I had the impression that this spike of speckled white had moved several times while I was taking the pictures. I was truly elated because it meant that it was not static and that, therefore, it could only be Geneva’s most emblematic fountain I was contemplating before my eyes in the far distance, namely the Jet d’eau.

Readers of this blog might recall a similar picture of Geneva’s emblem (displayed in an entry as part of our Geneva, frozen lake series):

So for somebody who was born in Geneva and commutes to this city every morning and works in an office some 10-15 minutes’ walk from this famous fountain more than 130 metres high, it is nice to know that the Jet d’eau can be seen from home – albeit probably not always with the naked eye … For your part, do you not agree that this was a nice chance discovery?

PS this also means that with a good pair of binoculars it might even be possible to discern the village of Lucinges in France – which is where the parents live – almost at the foot of a mountain called Les Voirons

PPS for those of you wondering how come Jet d’eau is three quarters hidden by a mass of land, this is because Lac Léman (or Lake Geneva in English) has the shape of a banana (both ends pointing towards you) with Geneva on the western end and Lausanne slightly after the middle on the outside of the curve.

Other entries on the nice views to be enjoyed from our balcony:


6 thoughts on “Chance discovery…

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  5. Ros, yes actually the whole Alpine region is beautiful (do not forget that the left side of the shore on these pictures is actually in France) and as I have mentioned earlier – in summer, it is even nicer …


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