Soaking up the heat and the humidity… in Singapore…

After all the travelling that I did in Brunei and then Sabah … I have not been out ever since I arrived on Friday. Not to the shops, not to visit any of my friends or former colleagues … nor any of my family, either! Arrghhh … lazy me …  I have been passing the time just idling at my sister’s home, trying to get use to the hot and humid weather.

But not any more … it is time that I start making my rounds around Singapore … to help the economy a little by going shopping, especially since it is now the Great Singapore Sale (hehehe … I loikeee!) … meeting up with friends … and taking care of other personal errands that I need to do whenever I am back in Singapore.

And … it is also time to do a bit of exercises to get rid off some of the calories that I have gained from one week of indulging in the food of Sabah and Brunei … not only by going out more … but hopefully by swimming regularly, too.

Looking at the kilos that I have been accumulating after just one week of gorging myself on delicious food while on holiday in Brunei and Sabah … and by the tightness of some of my clothes … errr … I think I better take it easy on the food in Singapore. It is not going to be easy … but I will try lah … so that I will not look overly tembam (chubby) at my sister’s wedding in 2 weeks! hehehe …. 🙂

The view of the pool from the bedroom where I am sleeping … and …

… the view of the pool from the study cum computer area where I am sitting while typing this entry.

Now you can understand why I keep feeling as if the pool is calling out to me “come, come … come to me!” hehehe … 🙂

Even if one is not swimming, it is nice and breezy just to sit near the pool area …

Which is why … it usually takes quite a bit of self-persuasion for me to go out in the hot weather to do my errands and get my shopping done whenever I am back in Singapore!

But enough of dawdling at home … it is now time to go out to take advantage of my visit … starting this very afternoon!!

Casablanca Condo … where my sister lives in Woodlands … and my temporary lodging whenever I (or the hubby) come to Singapore.  They have been living here since 2005 … and since then, I have been one of their more regular visitors … even before I went to live in Lausanne. 🙂

It is a nice place, no? But I have to admit that I do miss my own place in Singapore … and sometimes wish I could have stayed there instead whenever I am back for a visit. But since I am renting it out, so no choice lah! C’est la vie


4 thoughts on “Soaking up the heat and the humidity… in Singapore…

  1. Hi Ros,

    Bila tak ada pool, nak kan pool. But sometimes bila dah ada pool nearby, you ended up not using them as much as you thought you might! But I hope to be able to use the pool at least a few times on this visit, especially since the weather seem extra warm right now!

    Pasal Melaka, see how lah as we still have not decided yet. But we will definitely let you know if we are going to Melaka, ok?


  2. Hai CT..

    Verry nice place.. i likeeee, bestnya ada swimming pool…so what are you waiting for…go swimming la. Teringat masa kecik dulu, mandi kat kampung dalam kolam yang dibuat kat tanah je, but now dah tua ni tak dapat lagi nak enjoy. But if i got the chance to swim in the swimming macam kat condo your sister tu i won’t lepaskan peluang.

    Any plan to go to Umbai? Let me know ok…


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