A beautiful Saturday…

Last Saturday, we had a beautiful day … which was indeed very fortunate for us … as we had chosen that day to bring the mum and Claudia on an excursion. We were worried that the weather might be a little wet or chilly … but instead it turned out to be the sunniest and warmest day of the week!

I shall share more about the places that we took the mum to in the next post … but, for now,  let me just share these few photos that we took when we got home …

Check out the lovely lighting on the tall blocks of flats visible from our balcony … with the moon on the evening skyline.

Such a lovely evening to end the lovely day that we had on Saturday (2 June).

Unfortunately, it turned cloudy at night (and then rained the whole of Sunday) … so the mum was not able to view the moonlight shining over Lac Léman and through the bedroom that she was sleeping that night! haiiizzz … 😦

We decided to relax and have a drink on the balcony to enjoy the nice warm evening … after coming back from our excursion.

And seeing that more of my strawberries had ripened, I decided to pick out some that evening so that we could enjoy them for dessert.

My second harvest of strawberries … including the teeny, tiny wild strawberries! 🙂

Okay, photos of our excursion with the mum last Saturday coming next!


2 thoughts on “A beautiful Saturday…

  1. syukur alhamdulilah…murah rezeki awak CT…terbalas sudah segala penat lelah berkebun!


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