Straws-grown potatoes update…

Yesterday evening, the hubby suddenly turned to me while he was near the balcony door and commented on how big the potato plants on the balcony have grown … which to him means that we would be able to eat some fresh potatoes soon!

Errr … not quite yet lah … since they have a long growing period. It would take at least 3 months before a good size potatoes can be harvested … and the plants have not even started flowering yet! But I suppose in another few weeks I should be seeing some yellow flowers blooming on the plants … i.e. if they do not die while I am away to visit the family in Singapore!!

And yesterday was not the first time that he commented on the potato plants. I supposed the hubby could not wait to taste our own home-grown potatoes, like last year! hehehe …. patient hubby dear, patient … 🙂

And how well are the potato plants growing in straws?

Check out the photos …

(As usual, feel free to move the pointer of your mouse on a picture to display background info or click to enlarge.)

The first set that I planted in a garbage bag at the beginning of April … looking really green and healthy.

The second set which I planted about 2-3 weeks later in the potato growing bag that the hubby had ordered online from UK. They are looking good, too … and catching up real fast (in term of height) with the first set!

They are a different set of potatoes from the ones in the garbage bag. One of them are from the baby potatoes from last year’s harvest … while the other are from the organic ones bought in the supermarket which had started to grow spuds without me realising it since I did not put them in the fridge! Unfortunately, I cannot remember which is which!

And the last set to be grown … which had only just started to grow a little bigger. This set of potatoes have a red skin … and were bought from the Lausanne market. I let two of them grow some spuds for planting but eat the rest! I still have more potatoes with spuds. But although it was tempting to try and grow more of them … unfortunately, I have to leave some space on the balcony to try and grow another type of potato — sweet potato!

However, do not be deceived by how green and healthy the leaves look! Despite putting some of the insect repelling plants close to the potato plants and even brought back a few more of my garden friends (I adopted 4 more ladybirds last week which somehow seem to have made themselves invisible!) … this morning as I was checking on the leaves, I saw this …

… aphids! Argghhh …

Strangely, this year I saw not only green aphids on my plants … but also white, yellow and these black ones! But so far no major infestation lah. … mainly because I do regular check on some of the plants which I knew from last year are aphids’ havens and killed them with my bare hands whenever I see any. But it could also be because the aphid repelling plants are doing their job, too … as do my garden friends (albeit discreetly!) 🙂

However, as more and more of my plants grow bigger, I suppose I will also have to start getting the ‘big gun’ ready in order to fight them … i.e. home-made organic pesticide!!

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2 thoughts on “Straws-grown potatoes update…

  1. Aphids! Hate them,,my basil plants died because of them. Can you please show a foto of all the plants in one page. Keep wondering how it looks, green everywhere, so nice…thank you. To Paul – be patient ok.


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