A day of mulching…

Today is mulching day for my plants on the balcony. I did not mulch all of them, but I am glad that I have done so for those in the big containers … because … the weather has been quite hot and so the soil (especially the topsoil) tends to dry up quite fast. The weather for the past week has been like in summer and has caused my skin to darken as a result of the long hours spent on the balcony working on my container garden … definitely a far too conspicuous reminder of the nicer weather as far as I am concerned!

The straws I bought last year to grow the potatoes certainly come in handy this year (fortunately, I was able to purchase a bag almost as tall as myself as the hubby mischievously pointed out … which was not exactly true because the bag is only half my size!). In addition to using the straw again to grow my three bags of potatoes this year, I have also been using it to mulch the strawberry plants and even to line the bottom of some of the containers. And  even after using it to mulch a number of big containers, it is far from being finished … which means that I can do more mulching over the next few days!

Okay some photos of the mulching which I did today.

A long planter filled with tomato plants, coloured chards, marigold and chives — mulched.

The two white Ikea boxes filled with tomato plants, coloured chard, peppers, etc. — mulched.

The self watering container filled with pepper plants and two round pots of raspberry plants — mulched.

Two wooden crates filled with a variety of seedlings and plants — also mulched!

In case you wonder what the two round items are doing in the crates … they are to cover the terracotta pots filled with water that I had buried in the soil to help keep the soil moist. The cover helps to prevent straws or anything else from getting into the pot. But on a rainy day, the pots are left uncovered to collect rain water.

Apart from mulching … and re-planting a few more seedlings (so that I can clear the guest bedroom windowsill of all the seedlings!) … and shifting some of my plants and pots (yes, I am always shifting my plants and my pots!! ;)) … I also spent some time today working on my vertical salad tower project. I would have lurveeed to finish it … but … unfortunately, I ran out of plastic bottles! So, until we manage to drink enough bottles of mineral water or milk for me to finish the tower … I will just have to wait patiently lah! When it is completed to my satisfaction, I will show you my handiwork, ok?

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2 thoughts on “A day of mulching…

  1. Thanks Ros for “visiting” often! Actually, not all my plants are healthy, there are a few that “sulk” and refused to grow well. Nak kena belai selalu agaknya! hehehe … 🙂


  2. Hai CT, everyday i ‘come’ to your house..love your marigold, chard, chive…love all your plant. gosh they look so healthy..! Keep up your good work ya!


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