Busy bee… and busy me…

This morning while I was standing by the balcony door looking at my plants … since it was such a lovely sunny morning … I saw a little bee busy going from one flower to the next in the pot of chives that I had positioned not far from the balcony door.

Since the chives were really in full bloom, the bee spent several minutes visiting almost every flowers on the plant!

Even after flying away for a while, it came back again to the same pot of chives. Hmmm … maybe to check that it has not left any flowers untouched? 😉

Initially I was just observing it from the door of the balcony … but since it seemed really engrossed in its ‘work’, I decided to grab our camera and take some photos of it working hard!

The hard-working bee … busy flying from one flowering chive to another.

Check out the centre picture … when it dived into one of the chives … showing me its bare bottom … so cute! 🙂

This was its second visit to the same pot of chives (at least while I was there on the balcony) … after flying away, I suppose to deposit the nectar that it has collected.

But the little bee was not the only busy one on the balcony. I was too … and will continue to be so for the next few days if the lovely weather continues.

I had been busy re-arranging my pots on the balcony as I planted out more of my seedlings outside.

Just this morning, after observing the busy bee … I busied myself with shifting all the split pots to one side of the balcony so that they will not block out the lovely morning sun shining from the left of the balcony … and then taking out the tropical plants to enjoy some fresh sunshine on the balcony.

And if you notice on the picture above, there is also a new addition to my balcony garden … a table!

I saw this discarded table as we were walking past the garbage area near our place on our way back from the parents on Sunday and told the hubby that it would be just right for my balcony garden. Not only is it sturdy and not too wide, but it has wheels, too … which was why I wanted it so that I could easily move it around the balcony!

With the table, I was able to put some of the low growing plants on it and the taller plants below. And the space under the table can also be used to store stuff from blowing away during strong winds! I was so happy to have found it! 🙂

And if you look very closely on the table … you will be able to see …

… that I use our old discarded pans as the saucers for my plant pots! 🙂

It is a nice size for many of the plant pots and serve the same function … even though it might not be as nice as a proper saucer! hehehe …

And also another addition to the garden …

… another ladybird which I found on my way home two days ago. Unfortunately, I could no longer see the other ladybird which I had adopted earlier. I just hope they will find each other among my growing plants and decided to make their permanent residence in the garden! 😉

And last but not least, I thought I would share some pictures of the flowers of my first pepino melon plant.

The flower buds of the pepino melons had started to open over the past few days … and I was quite surprised to find it quite beautiful. Do you not find it so?

Unfortunately, the flowers do not last very long. But as there are quite a number of flower buds on the plant, I guess I will be able to enjoy the flowers for a while longer. 🙂

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6 thoughts on “Busy bee… and busy me…

  1. Before I started growing chives, I pun tak tahu. In fact, I read the chives flowers are edible and can be added to salads, etc. As for pepino melon, just google and you will be able to see how it looks like. I have not seen the actual fruit myself, so I cannot wait to see, touch and taste it. Unfortunately, although my plants has lots of flowers, the flowers dropped after sometime. I do not know if this is how it is supposed to be, like broad beans. I will see in a few months times if there will be any pepino melon to harvest!

    As for Andes tomato, they do not sell the seeds or the seedlings here either. Its a French heirloom tomato, which was why I only found the seedlings during my trip to South of France. If I should happen to find it by chance anywhere, I will let you know, ok? The other alternative is for you to try and order online from abroad. I did with a number of my seeds because I cannot find them here. I ordered online from US and UK which seems to have very good seed collections.


  2. I never see chives flower actually. Tahu makan je sayur je,

    Interesting. flowers Pepino melon looks beautiful but how is pepino melon look like? When it start fruiting show me ya.

    I tried looking for seed of andes tomato, so far I could not fine any.


  3. You are welcome…maaf ya ada spelling error pada komen saya tu…nak cepat sampai tersilap!


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