A day of baking and working on the salads…

Today is the hubby’s B’ day. So we are going to the parents to celebrate it and will be spending our weekend there … which means that I will not get to finish my new garden project as quickly as I had hoped.

That’s right, yesterday I started another project to make my gardening life easier in the coming summer … and for when I am back to visit my family in Singapore. This project is called … vertical salad tower. I had hoped to get as much much done yesterday, but since I started a little on the late side, I only managed to do two towers before it became too dark to work outside.

And then I was hoping to continue some more today. But since today is laundry washing day and there are a few things to look into before leaving for the weekend … I did not get to do anything on the project today.

But at least, I have started on my new project. And since I was working on the salads tower, I decided to harvest some salads for our dinner last night …

Not a lot … but more than enough for the two of us.

Check out the colour of the radishes. This year I decided to try planting some coloured radishes in addition to the red coloured radish called Saxa which I  grew last year. Although they take longer than the red Saxa radishes to mature … it is so nice to be able to enjoy some colours, no? 🙂

The dark coloured ones … which are actually very dark purple tasted sweeter and less peppery than the radishes of the other colour.  I like it … so am going to grow more of these coloured radishes. Unfortunately, the seeds are mixed so I cannot pick and choose my favourite colours!

And of course the thing that took up most of my afternoon was doing this …

… baking muffin for the hubby to bring to work!

It is supposed to be a crumble cupcake … but after mixing some of the ingredients, I realised that there was something wrong with the recipe. The ingredients for the crumble and the cupcake do not tally with the instruction on how to make them! Arggghhh … I should have spent more time to read the recipe in greater detail … especially since it is in French. But it seems simple and easy enough when I first had a quick look through the recipe … haizzz. So with some of the ingredients that I had already started mixing, I went ahead and decided to make just a normal apple muffin, instead.

The end-product … for the hubby to bring to office. They still tasted quite good … but did not look like a cupcake crumble as in the picture! Oh well … tragedy in the kitchen do happens! 😉

So in addition to the cupcake which became a muffin … I baked banana chocolate cakes for the hubby to bring to the office as well!


8 thoughts on “A day of baking and working on the salads…

  1. Thanks for the wishes, kak Maznah. CT is busy helping out the mum with the cooking for the main birthday meal here at Lucinges this evening. Have a great weekend, too.
    The hubby


  2. Happy Birthday to Paul from Azmi, Ayuni and I… CT, your radishes looks really good, You must show the salad tower. Have a good weekend.


  3. Azian,
    Many thanks for your wishes. The salad was indeed so ‘sedap’ that I did not eat at midday yesterday at work, but kept it instead to be able to show to the parents and give them the opportunity to taste the leaves, rocket and radishes. Yummy, yummy.
    The hubby


  4. Thanks bestie!;) Paul brought the salads that I packed for him (for lunch at work) to his parents … and they could not believe that the salads came from our balcony, including the radishes! They said the salads tasted good! hehehe 🙂


  5. Ros, thank you. The banana cake was indeed very nice. So nice that I kept one of the two for us today and bought some croissants to replace it for my work colleagues 😉
    PS Ok, ok CT will try to catch some pictures of here mother/father in law; in the meantime some glimpses of them can be seen at
    The hubby


  6. Hai CT,

    Happy birthday to your husband. The banana chocolate cake looks so delicious. Don’t forget to show us your salad tower. Please take some picture of your MIL and Daddy-man. Thank you.


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