Back from the South of France…

We arrived home late last night …. tired but quite pleased … from our extended weekend holiday with the parents. The initial plan was to go to the beautiful seaside town of Monterosso al mare in Liguria (the parents’ favourite place in Italy) … but as there was last October a major landslide in the area owing to heavy rain which damaged the hotel we would have stayed at and as the weather predictions for the area were poor, we had to do a last minute change in itinerary. We ended going to the South of France, instead … to another seaside area, which is a favourite of the daddy-man..

It was a lovely region … and the weather was kind to us during the first three days that we were there … contrary to the weather forecasts. It did not rain until the last day … and even then only a drizzle. Most of the time it was sunny but cool … and at times even quite hot!

Thankfully, the weather was not the same back home … so I did not have to worry too much about my plants on the balcony … although I could not say the same for the seedlings growing on the windowsills!

I had thought that we would be away for only three days … but found out only when we were already in France that it was to be a four-day trip! Ish … ish … ish …

Luckily, I had packed extra for myself. But since we were away longer than I had initially projected and as we reached home very late last night, I was a little worried for my seedlings. It was only this morning that I could take a good look at how they were faring! Some had grown bigger … most had survived … but a few were goners!

Thankfully, I have a few seedlings of the same plants, so it was not a total lost lah! Especially since I also brought back three seedling plants from our holiday in the South of France as we took a detour to stop by a huge garden centre on our way home … which definitely helped to make up for the lost seedlings! 🙂

I would have bought more if there had been more space in the daddy-man’s car … or our balcony! hehehe …  Unfortunately … or fortunately, there was not. So I just chose those seedlings I had been wanting to get my hands on but which I had been unable to find in Lausanne … plus a few other items for my balcony garden.

I will show you what we bought once I have sorted them out. For now, let me share just snapshots of the places that we visited during our trip to the South of France. We were lucky to cover quite a few places despite staying in the region for only three nights.

(Just move the pointer of your mouse on any picture to display background information or click to enlarge.)

On the first day, we stopped by Avignon

… then a little later at the small, mediaeval hilltop town of Baux de Provence

… before checking into a hotel at Saintes Maries de la la Mer in Camargue where we stayed for the whole duration of our stay in the region.

On the second day, we visited the walled town of Aigues Mortes

… before making a stop at Grau du Roi (which is situated in another region, called Gard).

On the third day, after checking out the market (held every Monday and Friday) and spending some time on the beach, we took a boat cruise along river Petit-Rhône … where we were able to see black cows and bulls grazing on the river banks.

After the boat cruise … we decided to do a short drive in the area and were pleased to come across a big flock of pink flamingoes on the swamps not far from Saintes Maries de la la Mer!

On the last day, on our way back we decided to make a quick stop at Arles to see this famous amphitheatre …

… and another at Nîmes.

We finally reached home a little after 10.00pm after making a quick stop at the parents’ place in Lucinges.


10 thoughts on “Back from the South of France…

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  2. You are most welcome. More photos of the places that we had visited during that trip will be shared in future posts!


  3. Lucky you – except for the driving part. Maybe we’ll have to join you too on your next trip then.
    The hubby


  4. All those places I know – oh – so much ! Being there once a year. My own tour is probably often the same as yours… instead of Avignon, I’m more in Arles (photography) and Nîmes for the “carré d’art” and because of my “stepmother”, Monpellier. The Camargue and specially the Saintes is always an oblieged pilgrimage…


  5. Unfortunately, the area is flood-prone, as river Rhône until it was managed to be contained in the twentieth century was famous for its strong bouts of flooding, which was why it was described as a whimsical river. A little more information on the bridge of Saint-Benézet is available here
    The hubby for CT.


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