42nd Tulip Festival in Morges…

Admiring the beautiful fields of colza (rapeseed) and the parents’ garden were not the only things that we did over the weekend. Well … apart from working on my own small garden and admiring my own handiwork, that is! 😉 We also made time on our way back from the parents to stop at Morges … so that I could ogle and admire the tulips!

Yup, the Morges Tulip Festival is in full swing right now. And since last Saturday was quite a nice sunny day, we thought it would be the ideal time to pay a visit to the Festival … so that we would not miss out on the tulips before it is over. But we did not stay as long as we did last year … and I did not take as many photos either. But still plenty enough to share lah!

Interestingly, my camera battery went dead just as we were winding up our visit to the Tulip festival … how lucky was that!?

Okay, first let us soak up the atmosphere at the Independence park (Parc de l’Indépendance) … where the Tulip Festival is held every year just outside the town of Morges  …

(As usual, feel free to move the pointer of your mouse on a picture to display background info or click to enlarge.)

About to enter the main area of the park where the tulips are.

As it was a nice sunny day and quite warm, there were hundreds of people in the park that afternoon.

On this side of the park, the tulips were inter-planted with other flowers to create a beautiful mix of colours.

Going to the festival was certainly a lovely way to spend a nice Saturday afternoon … and a wonderful end to what had been a very colourful visit to the parents!

It was so nice strolling in between the colourful flower beds in the park …

… and enjoying the beautiful and colourful blooms with the beautiful lakeside on one side of the park …

… especially when the entrance to the park and the exhibition (of tulips) is free! 🙂

It was also nice to see people (of all ages and sexes) admiring the blooms …

… taking photos of the blooms (like me, of course! ;)) …

… and having a picnic among the beautiful and gorgeous flowers!

A view of the statue of the Independence in the park against the tulip blooms.

And now … let us look at the blooms themselves!

These are some of the flower beds where the tulips were planted together with other flowers …

… to create a very colourful mix!

I suppose they are more interesting to see than just a bed of tulips, especially if they are of the same colour and variety.

Still … the bold colours of many of the tulips make them just as attractive … and definitely made a great subject for photography!!

Here are close-up shots of some of the blooms in the park …

Very, very pretty, no?

One last shot of the colourful park before my camera battery konked out. Luckily, by this time I had had my fill of snapping at the blooms and was ready to go back!

And even luckier, we were able to take a few snapshots of ourselves just before that, too! pheww …

The tulip festival will last until middle of May. So maybe, if time permits, … I might just go and visit the flowers again! 🙂

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5 thoughts on “42nd Tulip Festival in Morges…

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  2. Hi Ros, ehhh.. your English is ok, jangan segan! Thank you very much for the offer of the seeds, but some of the tropical seeds might not do as well here because of the cooler temperature unless tanam dlm rumah, so tu yang leceh sikit and why I grow only plants that I often use like pandan, kesum, serai and kari. Cannot grow too many as they will take up too much space at home!


  3. saya sukaaaa…….i love gardening too….if only i could send some of my seeds to you….entah betul tak saya punya english ni…!…broken english…!


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