Seeing yellow … because of colza…

On Friday, we decided to go and visit the parents. But unlike previous visits when we would normally meet up with the daddy-man or his younger brother at the custom checkpoint in Moillesulaz or at Chêne-Bourg (which is closer to Geneva city), we decided that we would take a bus all the way to the old custom checkpoint in Cara in the campagne genevoise (Geneva countryside) so that the daddy-man would not have to come all the way into Geneva city to pick us up.

And boy was I glad that we decided to do so because … I did not only get to feast my eyes … but was also able to take some decent shots of this …

… the beautiful flowers of colza (or rapeseed or canola)!! Pretty are they not? 🙂

Yup … it is that time of the year again when the colzas are in full bloom … causing you to see yellow whenever you happen to pass by fields after fields of them. And there were certainly plenty of them as I took the train from Lausanne to Geneva. I had not thought that I would have the opportunity to take any decent photos of them unless the hubby and I found the time to go back to that fields at Le Mont-sur-Lausanne, which is closer to home.

But imagine my joy when I saw that the bus stop where we were to alight to meet with the daddy-man was exactly beside a big field of colza!! Wohooo …  what luck! Even luckier was the fact that I had brought my camera with me!!

So naturally, I wasted no time in getting out my camera from my handbag to snap several photos! 🙂

Especially with such a beautiful backdrop of the Geneva countryside … I would have been very pissed off with myself if I had left my camera at home and missed the excellent opportunity to capture all these beauty in yellow colour!

And for once after several weeks, we had quite a lovely sunny day on Friday… so it was just the right day for some nice photo taking!

Since we had some time to kill before the daddy-man would arrive … the hubby suggested walking back to an earlier stop where there is another field of colza next to it … so that I could take more photos. Of course I agreed to the excellent suggestion lah! 🙂

Leaving behind this particular field of colza … and a dog which seemed to be a little lost that evening …

… we went to have a look at this one!

A guy coming home from work, cycling past us … heading in the direction of another colza field in the area.

The road in the direction of Geneva … with the Jura mountain range in the background with its peak still covered in snow.

The good thing about waiting for the daddy-man beside this particular colza field is that there is an old landmark stone next to the field. So I was able to get on top of this stone … in order to have a nice clear look at the vast expanse of the field of colza … and …

… take this snapshot!! Look very nice, no?

If the sky had been bluer, it would have made a beautiful contrast to the yellow colour of the colzas!

We got the hubby’s brother to drop us off at this same place yesterday (i.e. on Saturday) so that we could catch the bus to Geneva city from here.

And so … while waiting for the bus to arrive, I took a few more shots of the colza fields while I was able to lah! hehehe …

This has been the most colourful weekend for me so far … because … besides seeing yellow hues, I also saw lots of other beautiful colours at the parents’ garden … and then later at the Tulip festival in Morges! Oh yes, spring is really here and I just lurveee the colours of spring!! 🙂

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