Again, (more than) a week of silence…

Hmmm … I have been very silent again, have I not?

I acknowledge that I have been temperamental … and have not been sharing as regularly as I should be doing! Since I cannot use ‘that time of the month’ as an excuse … so it must be just me, having been lazy and just not having felt like writing or sharing much in recent weeks!

Or … it must be because of the backlogs of photos from our weekend excursions that still have to be sorted and uploaded … which must be putting me off from writing … as only thinking about the many photos that still need to be looked through and selected for sharing … including the recent ones from our trip on the Bernina Express the last weekend … makes me shudder. Hmmm … I think that could be the reason for my lack of mood to write.

Or … maybe because I am just too absorbed on preparing, and especially reading a lot on how to prepare, for this year’s balcony garden … that whenever I go on the internet, it is to read up on gardening topics! Yup … that is another major culprit that has certainly eaten into my time, too! In fact, last week (after reading a lot on what I could do with stinging nettles and how to do it) I went picking stinging nettles … hoping to make a liquid fertiliser from it for the different varieties of tomato plants that I am having this year. A guy who saw me busy gathering the nettles (with my gloves and secateurs) thought I was gathering something for salads! hehehe … Well, of course stinging nettles are edible but I picked them up to feed my growing tomato plants … not my tummy in this particular instance! 🙂

And then the rain. It has been raining nearly everyday for more than 2 weeks. Thinking and looking at some of the things which we have bought (or collect) and are now on the balcony waiting for me to take some action, but I am unable to do much because of the rain really gets to me. 

And then looking at some of my seedlings which have grown (plus the few that I bought very cheaply when I saw them during my visits to the garden centres) and which I would lurveee to transplant to bigger pots outside … but I cannot because of the rain and still chilly temperatures… hmmmm, this frustrates me just as much! Arggghhh ….

Well … this long list of grouses is just to explain why I have not been in the mood to share anything for a while lah! 😉

But hopefully my writing and sharing mood will improve from this week on since the weather is supposed to get warmer and sunnier later this week. But with more rainy day forecast after that … again … sigh ….

Anyway, to kick-start the return of my sharing mood … I will share that very thing which has been occupying my time and mind all these weeks … my up and coming balcony garden lah, what else … 🙂

Some of the seedlings growing on the windowsill of the living room in various types of containers.

As several of them had outgrown their tiny seed pots and had to be re-potted into slightly bigger pots or separate pots … and as I continued to sow more of my seeds in preparation for the coming warmer season …

… my propagating windowsill has therefore expanded to include those of our guest bedroom (above, which is now the main propagating area), our bedroom and the computer room!

Seeing the numerous seedlings that I have started (and a few that I had bought) … the hubby wonders how am I going to find the space for all these seedlings on our balcony!

Errrr … good question … which will be answered when planting season formally starts with the return of warm spring weather and summer … hopefully very soon lah!! hehehe … 🙂

And then there is this collection of tropical plants (except for the flowering French basil in the middle and the pepino melon in front) which have been waiting for several months to go out … poor them!

But after the bad experience with my ginger plant (which has passed on as you can see on the photo above in the black pot and which you can compare to how it had looked like before in an earlier entry … because I took it out too early thinking to let it enjoy the warm early spring weather and get acclimatised to outside temperature, which unfortunately later turned chilly and has not improve) … I am going to wait until the weather has really turned for the better and not just playing nice for a short while before I start putting these tropical plants outside!

This is especially so for my precious pandan (screwpine) plantlets which my friend had brought from Singapore in December last year. Thankfully two of the plantlets have decided to become Swiss permanent residents … phew!! If they had chosen to die here like the other plantlets … it would mean that I will have to try to bring home some more plantlets when I go back to Singapore this summer! 🙂

The packet of soils (organic ones) which the kind hubby has been helping to carry back since last week (being truly ‘green’, we do not own a car). But we are not done yet … because as you can see from the number of seedlings that I have, I will need lots and lots of soil to grow them! Thankfully these organic soils or planting medium are on sale right now!

So while the weather is being temperamental as it is now … I suppose the shopping for gardening stuff will continue … so that when the weather finally behaves I will have all the things that I need to start working on my edible balcony garden this year!

The only good thing from this incessant rain?

I get to water my plants with them!! 🙂

The rain has kept me busy filling every spare bottles and container that I have so that I can use these soft water for my plants. Why waste huh??


2 thoughts on “Again, (more than) a week of silence…

  1. Thanks Kak Maz. I should have thrown away some of the smaller seedlings and not try to keep all that sprouted but feel so sayang to do so, which is why I ended with so many! If I cannot put all of them on the balcony, will have to see if my MIL can adopt some since she has plenty of space in France! 🙂


  2. Pandan is looking good. Banyaknya anak pokok, you probably do not have space to move in the balcony in summer..have fun.


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