Snowshoeing at the foot of Mount Säntis …

After the lovely experience of being at the top of Mount Säntis … and seeing the raquette track marks on the mountain slope, the hubby was very eager to take advantage of the beautiful weather on that same day to do some raquette for ourselves.

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Especially as we had seen a group of people enjoying themselves in the snow as we were taking the cable car down.

So after checking in at Gasthaus Passhöhe and refreshing ourselves … we went out again, eager to start on our raquette excursion. We did not go far … only to the foot of Mount Säntis across the guesthouse.

So leaving the guesthouse behind …

… we started on our snowshoe walk.

Walking further and further away from the guesthouse.

The restaurant cum observatory tower/weather station above was beautifully and strategically illuminated by the setting sun that evening …

… just before the light changed as the sun started to set further.

From far, I could see some people having fun sledging down the mountain slope. Unfortunately, I chose not to  bring my sledge (even though the hubby had offered to do so) … so no sledging down the mountain for me lah! Haizzz ….

But the beautiful evening colour made for a beautiful walk … and so we continued with our snowshoe walking, stopping often to take snapshots of the area …

… especially as the colour of the sky continued to change with the setting sun.

As the sun slowly started to set in the distance …

… it was amazing to see the colour on top of Mount Säntis suddenly took a very reddish glow. It was incredibly beautiful to see it happening right in front of us!!!

The sky burning red in the distance as the sun was slowly hidden from view.

And just as we thought that we were alone doing the raquette that evening …

… we saw two ‘snowshoers’ making their way from the opposite direction. Nice! 🙂

After taking our last look of the area … we then made our way back to Gasthaus Passhöhe … to get ready for dinner … and for another walk in the night after that!

Along the way we saw some crevices where small stream flows. This is one of the reason why it is not safe to do raquettes at night (unless one is following a dedicated path like the Laternliweg) as one never know what the next step on the snow might result in!

Since we enjoyed our snowshoe walk so much that evening …

… we decided to do it again (albeit just a short one) the next morning on our third and last day in Schwägalp before going home. It was not at all sunny the next day … but we went ahead with our plan.

Basically, we wanted to check out the crevices that we saw the previous evening. It is only in the bright light of the day that we saw that the area was dotted with many of such crevices …

… which are deep enough to cause serious injury if one should accidentally fall into one of them!

The hubby standing too close to the edge of the crevice (to my thinking) … in order to get nice shots of the crevices.

You can see how high the snow was … and how deep the crevices were.

Passing by a chalet almost buried in snow …

… and another crevice …

… as we head for that hill.

Unfortunately, the slight flurry that started as we were halfway into our walk soon develop into …

… a heavy snowfall. Although it meant that we were not be able to take any clear snapshots of the area because of that … but it definitely made the morning walk more enjoyable and interesting! 🙂

Despite my best effort to get on top of the hill so that I could join the hubby … I just could not do it and keep slipping back downwards … just before reaching the top! Haizzz …

I would have luuurved to put the blame on the snowfall … but I have to admit that I am not in the best of physical shape, either! So with these two factors combined …

… I decided that I would just relax on the slope … under the snowfall … while I waited for the hubby to have his fill of the view from the top of the hill! We were not the only two who were out walking under the snowfall that morning as you can see on the photo on the right. While I was sitting on this slope, I saw the female member in that group fell a few times while walking in the snow … poor her!

The hubby tried taking a few shots from the hill … but as you can see on this photo … the view was not that great as visibility was hampered by the snowfall. But at least, we get to check out and take snapshots of the crevices before the snow fell … and the hubby got to go on top of the hill as he had wanted to. So we left Schwägalp that afternoon … with wonderful memories of our pleasurable stay in this beautiful hamlet of Appenzell.

And now that I have managed to finish the last entry on Schwägalp … I can now look forward to enjoying myself on  our excursion this weekend. Yup, we are going away again … this time to do the Bernina Express! Wohooo … So we are leaving for St Moritz this afternoon so that we could catch the Bernina Express train tomorrow morning from Pontresina. I really look forward to it!!

Okay, will share more once we are back from our extended weekend excursion. In the meantime, have a great weekend to all …

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5 thoughts on “Snowshoeing at the foot of Mount Säntis …

  1. The closest, flattish course I think, would be at Mauvernay (Chalet à Gobet), which is located above Lausanne. Some details here
    The closest mountain for skiing (although raquettes can be done there too) is Les Pléaides, above Montreux. Given that the area is quite international (with Nestlé’s headquarters in Vevey), they might even have some instructors who speak English.
    The other good thing is that they have a webcam – which is quite useful to have a rough idea of the amount of snow there:


  2. That would be great! I am totally blur about winter sports, so you and Paul can be my sifu :)). Where would you suggest for me to try my first raquette, somewhere near our place and heheh, preferably flat?


  3. Well raquette is definitely less risky than skiing … but more ‘fat burning’! If you already have your ski stick, then you only need to get the raquette (snowshoe). The good thing is that it is less expensive than skis. Who knows, maybe, we can try some snowshoeing together this winter!😉


  4. That looks so fun!! Maybe I should try raquette before considering skiing :p. What equipment would I need?This calls for another 1st-Fri-of the month visit to Aubonne heheh.


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