A week of silence…

Ohhh shucks … I have just realised that it has been a week since I last shared anything! Urrghhhh …

Has it been that long? For my part, it feels like as if it was just a few days ago that I was still trying to complete another post on Schwägalp before leaving for our Easter weekend trip! Another urghhhhhhhh …

Anyway, if you have been waiting for the continuation to the entries on Schwägalp, unfortunately, it will not be in this post! Sorry … but I still have some way to go selecting among the numerous photos that we took when we went up to Mount Säntis … which is what the next post on Schwägalp will be … if I manage to finish it soon lah! Between the two of us, we took loads of photos since we spent a few hours on the top of Mount Säntis … making it tough to select those that I think should be shared to best convey what our experience was like and show what we saw when we were up at the observatory tower of Mount Säntis. But I will try to finish the entry a.s.a.p!!

However, despite my silence on the blogging front this past week … I have been busy travelling (doing another weekend outing with the hubby), sorting out the stuff in the warehouse storage boxes so that we could return one of the two boxes that we had been renting … and trying to get a head start on my balcony garden. Unfortunately, the weather this past week has not been nice. Typical of April spring weather, after the beautiful sunny start to the season we had seen about two weeks ago, the pattern has changed and we have had rain nearly everyday! And the temperature has also plunged … making it a little chilly to work outside on the balcony and a little wet to go out.

Although I am a bit frustrated that my progress on the balcony garden front is going a little more slowly than I would have liked it to go mainly because of the weather … but it has been lots of fun so far! And I look forward to more fun with my potted garden as soon as the weather turns nice again! 🙂

So what have the hubby and I been up to over the past week?

Well, there was the weekend outing that we did. After failing to catch the Glacier Express twice last year, we were lucky on our third attempt! So last Saturday, we finally got to do our Glacier Express train ride. Unfortunately, the weather was not in its best behaviour that day: it was feeling rather temperamental, shall I say … 😉

So during the Glacier Express train ride, we had sun …

… rain …

… and even snowfall.

But it was a lovely train ride and we even had plenty of time the next day to do a bit of walking along the Lake at St Moritz. More about that trip in forthcoming entries.

And then on Monday the hubby and I worked on transferring all the stuff from this box to the other box that we had rented in this storage warehouse … so that we could return it. A much overdue project, but still better late than never lah. The next day was spent clearing and putting away some of my stuff that we had brought home with us from the warehouse.

And then, there was of course my balcony garden project which takes time … but is also such a pleasure. Trying to save up on balcony space, I decided to stack up my small plant pots …

It is still not to my satisfaction, but for now it will do the job. Ideally, an iron or steel pole would be better to hold the pots but since these are plastic pots, and I have some bamboo poles which I used to stake my plants, I thought it would do for the time being.

After surfing the internet and reading up on the different ways of doing self-watering containers last week … with the help of the hubby … I got down to making my first self-watering container.

And tadaaa!!! My home made self-watering pot, just waiting to be filled with some plants. 🙂

I chose the least complicated method of making one. Will it work well? Only time will tell … but for now I am just happy that I have managed to make one!

I recycled two plastic tubes from the leg of an old plastic shoe rack to make the tube for watering, which is why there is a blue scotchtape patch in the middle! And I put the box on wooden roller I saw on sale, so that it is easier to move around. Since I know that I will be moving my plants around all the time … so, this year, I am placing most of my heavy pots on rollers, so that I will be able to shift them around easily!

If you wonder what is that thing beside the pot …

They are two wooden fruit crates that the hubby and I found on Monday. I had been looking for old wooden crates to use as plant containers for the past weeks as I did not want to buy brand new ones. So imagine how happy I was when I saw these two boxes (and of the ideal size) which had been thrown away near our place! Wohooo …

We even brought back a wooden revolving stool that had been thrown together with the wooden crates … to use as plant stand! I suppose I could paint these recycled wooden items to make them look nicer … but I think I prefer the natural and rustic look lah! (Not because I am too lazy to paint them, ok! hehehe … ;))

My head is churning with ideas of things at home that I can recycle to use for my balcony garden this year! I loikeee …

While several of these items are waiting patiently (for their turn) to be turned into plant pots … there are those that the hubby had already told me that they are off limit! Awwwww …

Like the spare laundry basket for example … which I was thinking of using to grow my potatoes this year since it has that nice depth. But since I cannot turn it into a potato growing basket …

I have used garbage bags instead as potato growing bag lah! I have used two bags to make sure that they will not tear so easily. This year, I intend to continue using straws to grow my potatoes since it worked quite well last year.

(ps: to make up for not being able to use the spare laundry basket to grow my potatoes, last night the hubby bought something for me online (after having showed him what I had found on the internet) to grow the rest of my potatoes! I shall show them to you when I have them with me.)

In the meantime, more waiting for sunnier weather to return so that I can start planting these …

… pots of strawberry (of different variety) and geraniums.

Haizzz … when will the sun and warm day return? Soon, I hope!


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