Laternliweg at Schwägalp…

As the main reason for our trip to Schwägalp and stay at Berghotel Schwägalp was to do some night walking on the snow … so, of course, this was exactly what we did during our two-night stay in the area.

We took the opportunity to do the walk on both nights that we were there. On the first night that we did the walk, we started a little on the late side, after 9.00pm … and did not come back until after 11.00pm! And when we passed by the cable car station late that night on our way, we could see a group of people returning from their moonlight dinner meal at the restaurant on top of Mount Säntis.

So how does it feel to walk at night on the snow? Well …, it was really lovely and I enjoyed it very much! 🙂 Especially since the weather was nice … not very cold despite the abundance of snow in the area!

Unfortunately, since it was a night event … we did not take too many photos, knowing that it might not turn out well. But we did take several that turned out good enough to share here …

We saw this when we got back to Berghotel Schwägalp after our little walk from Gasthaus Passhöhe — the preparation for the Laternliweg that evening. The lanterns that were used to illuminate the path that starts from the hotel were kept in this building located just behind the hotel; the yellow vehicle was for transporting the lanterns to their respective spots; while the red vehicle was for clearing the walking path.

The ‘romantic’ walk takes about 40 minutes for the average walker (which I am not, as you might know! ;)) and is around 2 km long, winding its way through the Nature Discovery Park … before ending either at Gasthaus Passhöhe or back at Berghotel Schwägalp. Since we stayed at both places, we got to do the walk starting from both places.

Putting on our raquettes for the Laternliweg.

Actually, we did not really need to use the raquettes to walk along this illuminated path since the path has been prepared earlier on to facilitate the night walk. But since we did not know that and had thus brought our raquettes with us … so we did the walk on the first night with our raquettes lah … plus our walking sticks and headlights! Although to be honest, it was a little embarrassing to see others walking breezily past us without any raquettes nor sticks nor additional lights! hehehe … 😉

So on the second night, we decided to do the walk without our raquettes! But we still brought along our walking sticks (after finding out from our first night walk that in some stretches it was useful to have the sticks with us) … and our headlamps. It is always safer to walk with extra lights on, we think! 🙂

Because … although the path is illuminated with lanterns …

… it can still be a little dark in some stretches of the path. Especially since there was no moon to help illuminate the path even more … even though there was supposed to be a full moon that night! Haizzz … I have to say that I was a little disappointed that I did not get to have my moonlight night walk on the snow on that two nights! 😦

With the extra light from our headlamps it was easier and also safer to walk … although it was no longer as romantic lah … especially since we could not hold hands in the dark as we both had our walking sticks to hold! hehehe … 🙂

Interestingly, the hotel provided hot drinks halfway en route for the night walkers … how thoughtful!! Unfortunately, the syrup drink was a little too sweet for me … although the hubby seemed to enjoy drinking it and had several cups of the hot syrupy drink!

Having his last cup of drink … before we continued with our night walk.

On the second night, we saw that there were two containers of the hot syrupy drinks to cater to the bigger crowds as it was a Saturday night and the hotel was fully booked that night.

We did a longer walk on the first night going all the way as close as we could to Gasthaus Passhöhe before turning back to Berghotel Schwägalp … but we chose to do a shorter version on the second night since we had already did a bit of raquettes during the day.

Arriving back at Berghotel Schwägalp on the first night just as the staff was switching off the lights in the restaurant cum breakfast area because it was already past 11.00pm!

On the second night, I decided not to bring my camera so that I could enjoy the walk more. And although the hubby brought his camera, he hardly took any pictures with it either … which is why (except for the photo showing the two drinking containers) there is no other photo to share of the walk that we did on the second night lah!

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