Prepping the balcony for spring and summer…

It has been a beautiful start to spring so far. The weather has been nice and sunny … and warm … for early spring. In fact, too warm … that many people are already dressing as if it is summer! Well … for the past few days I have been able to go out without a jacket and with my sleeves rolled back!

And since the weather has been warm and sunny … the hubby and I therefore decided that we would take a break from doing an excursion this weekend … so that we could prep our balcony to welcome spring … and, of course, summer! 🙂

So … while the hubby busied himself with the balcony table and chairs so that we could start using them again … I was, of course, busy tending to my pots and plants on the balcony! Especially since we had bought a few packets of soil and some bamboo canes … so that I could work on my potted plants.

Although I did not manage to do all that I had wanted to carry out by the end of today … still, I was happy that at least the balcony now looks cosy and homely … and I really look forward to doing more planting!! hehehe …

The hubby hard at work at his task. Before opening the table, the two plastic sheets that were protecting the table and chairs had to be cleaned first before they could be folded and put away.

Once the plastic sheets and the chairs had been cleaned … it was time to set up the table.

And voilà … our table is now ready for future meals … and for reading outside. We were hoping to have our dinner here … unfortunately, unlike yesterday, it was a little chilly tonight. So we will just have to wait until the temperature is right to enjoy our meal on this table lah! 🙂

As for the progress with respect to my potted garden …

… as you can see, I have started planting out quite a bit …

This year, I hope to plant more varieties of vegetables … since I bought and ordered so many types of seeds last year! (I think I got so carried away when looking through the seeds catalogues … both online and at the nurseries … that I forgot I have only a balcony to plant those seeds that I bought!!! ish, ish, ish … ) And even after knowing that I have too many seeds to try to plant all this year, I could not resist buying several pots of herbs and salads as they were really cheap! Haizzzz … terrible me!!

And so to make sure I can plant as many as possible of the seeds I bought (and collected myself) … I will have to think hard how I can make full use of my balcony space to fit in as many pots as I can … but leaving sufficient space for easy movement, especially if we have visitors coming over!

It is a challenge … but … I look forward to taking it up! We’ll see … 🙂

One of my pots of salads and a flowering pot of strawberry plants from last year. The two small pots were planted with cuttings from thyme and rosemary plants.

More salad greens … one hanging and the other placed on top of a log (which was from one of the apple trees that were cut down. We decided to keep it as a souvenir to remind us of the apple orchard that used to grow below us). Next to it are chives which continue to make a come back, year after year!

Pots of strawberry plants on the right … and more plants in the covered shelves … with packets of soils waiting to fill empty pots …

… like these ones! I have to wait for some of my seedlings to grow big enough and strong enough to be transferred into some of these waiting pots.

It is nice to be able to work on my balcony garden again. And while I cannot wait to start bringing out more of my seedling plants outside … I must learn to be patient … in case the weather decides to make a bad turn!  In the meantime … I can dream and plan all the different ways of filling up my balcony with edible plants lah!!! I loikeee!!!! 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Prepping the balcony for spring and summer…

  1. Oh yes .. I can already imagine them! hehehe ..

    I only started noticing the split pot last year but did not buy any until I saw them on sale at the COOP’s nursery near our place. Depending on the stores and the brands, this pot is on sale here between CHF16 – CHF30. Initially I bought two when I saw COOP selling them at 50% discount. But later when the price went down to CHF 5 a piece, Paul suggested we borong a number of them for our balcony!! 🙂 Oh no, you should have gone and see their gardening section … I am sure you will be teruja to get something!! I always do! Ok .. we look forward to your visit here again!!


  2. Wow!! awesome….imagine all the plants growing and blooming on your balcony
    . Keep going gal! Penuh semangat… I have not seen that ‘hanging’ pot here- those that fit on the balcony railing…. I completely lupa to “peek” at the gardening section of the stores while I was there…what a waste!! kena pergi swiss lagi lah……tak puas.
    Enjoy spring….


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