A weekend of glacier hunting… at Arolla

For readers of this blog who have read our earlier entry on our stay in the Valley of Hérens to celebrate our fourth wedding anniversary, you will probably remember that we liked the region so much that our only wish was … to come back as soon as possible so as to be able to enjoy the region while there would still be some snow there.

Well, we managed to do so over the past weekend. And as the hubby took the Monday off, we were able to enjoy an extended weekend in the region … but this time in the smaller valley of Arolla. Our intention was to do some raquettes (snowshoeing) … as Arolla usually has enough snow to allow ski (and raquette) enthusiasts to enjoy their favourite sport until the end of April (which is when the famous bi-annual ski mountaineering competition Patrouille des Glaciers takes place – this competition is one in which participants ski high up in the mountains from Zermatt to Verbier via Arolla).

And since there are several glaciers in the area … the goal of this trip was also to see at least one of the glaciers … since we failed to see any during our last raquette trip to the area  (if you recall from the previous entry on Arolla)! At least, that was what I kept telling the hubby lah — that I wanted to see a glacier on this trip! hehehe ….

And I am happy to say … that … we managed to see what we had come to see this time! Ahhhh … you cannot imagine how happy I was when I got to see my glaciers! Yup … not just a glacier … but glaciers! 🙂

We were also very lucky that the room we were given at Hôtel du Pigne d’Arolla (built 1895-1902) looked onto the magnificent panettone-shaped Mont Collon. So we really enjoyed our stay at this hotel … which we were also very fortunate to have at a bargain price!

Now … to whet your appetite, here are a few selected photos of our recent weekend excursion to Arolla.

(As usual, just move the pointer of your mouse on any picture to display background information or click to enlarge.)

Day 1 …

Heading towards the direction of Mont Collon and the glacier of Arolla, low in the valley

… so that we could get to the foot and have a better view of the glacier (… which we could see from our hotel). The glacier of Arolla might not be as long as its famous sister in the Bernese Alps (i.e. the glacier of Aletsch) … but it is just as impressive, no?

Day 2 …

We decided to go up the mountain slope on the second day … to check out the mountain top … where there should be another glacier (Pièceto admire.

As a result of unforeseen circumstances (which I shall share more about in my future post on the area), we did not get to the top … but we did see the foot of another glacier (that of Tsijore Nouve) in the area. Unfortunately, because of  the strong sun … the glacier itself could not be seen very clearly lah.

Day 3 …

Making our way up the mountain via the main ski slope on our last day … passing by the same glacier that we could not see very well the day before …

… but which we could see very clearly from where we were on the last day! Beautiful!

Approaching a pass on top of the mountain of Arolla … which reminded me of the pass that we went through when taking the Matterhorn Gotthard Bahn (after missing the Glacier Express) in February last year. This was also the stop for our snowshoe trek before we made our way down in order to catch the last bus to the train station in Sion.

For more photos of our excursion to this area … errr … let me share on our trips to Schwägalp first lah! 🙂

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