Start of spring 2012…

Hello spring!

Yesterday was the start of spring for this year … and what a beautiful start it has been weather-wise … at least in Lausanne. It was nice and sunny yesterday … and this morning, too … so far.

And what a nice caricatures of spring by Mr Google I saw when I logged onto the internet yesterday to do some searches … to plan for our spring excursions!

Google logo

Very colourful … and very spring-like, do you not think? 😉

And so, seeing the nice beautiful spring weather yesterday … I thought I would go out on the balcony to take some photos to record the start of spring for this year.

What a let-down ... scenery-wise, unfortunately. 😦

Okay, this view is not bad … quite nice …

… especially when I saw these dainty white spring flowers sprouting on the ground between our two flats …

… as well as these small yellow primroses sprouting all over the grass patches further down the road.

My only grievance about this spring is this eyesore …

The demolition work (… and later construction of new residential buildings) … that is currently going on!

Sadly, the old house down the hill has been razed to the ground. 😦

And then the digging work that is being carried out where the apple orchard used to be … as well as the field next to it. Argghhh …

Add the noise that I have to deal with whenever I go out to the balcony … hmmm … I do not look forward to spending my time on the balcony this spring (and summer) attending to my potted garden … not at all!! 😦

But I have already started on my seedlings. These are just some of the seedlings growing on the windowsill in the living room. There are more in the kitchen … as well as another batch of seeds to grow starting April. I suppose I will just have to grit my teeth … and bear with the noise and the eyesore! haizzz …

However, despite the eyesore outside … I am pleased that inside, the orchids which I had bought to welcome our move to this flat two years ago are blooming so beautifully to welcome spring.

Still waiting for another to bloom fully.

I had bought two of these phalaenopsis orchids for less than CHF 5 during the IKEA sale … very cheap. But happily they all seem to be thriving and doing well … and have flowered 2 – 3 times since I bought them. Nice 🙂

And talking about flowers blooming in spring … I cannot wait to see the Morges Tulip Festival this spring! It will start sometime next month … yeayyyyy!!!


4 thoughts on “Start of spring 2012…

  1. Lorsqu’ils auront effectivement tout bétonné, ils seront peut-être satisfaits. S’ils veulent continuer à construire, il faudrait le faire en hauteur et arrêter d’ériger des petits immeubles de 3 ou 4 étages, voraces en superficie. Soyons plus sages et planifions mieux notre développement, notre accroissement démographique !


  2. They are beautiful, are they not? And I seem to have no problem getting them to re-flower here. Never had any success with orchids in Sg, strangely!


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