Outline of an extended weekend at the foot of Mount Säntis…

Yesterday, the hubby and I had the Monday’s blues … very bad Monday blues!

Why? Because … we could not stop thinking about the magnificent extended weekend that we spent at Schwägalp, a hamlet at the foot of Mount Säntis in the canton of Appenzell, in eastern Switzerland.

Remember that in the previous entry when I mentioned about the hubby agreeing to go to a place that I wanted to go in return for going back to Lac de Joux a second time and making me wait for him for hours?

This was THE PLACE!!

And both the hubby and I fell in love with it so much … that it was hard to leave. Seriously, I was very sad to leave the Schwägalp… in particular the place where we had stayed on our second night because the staff there made us feel so welcome.

Even though we only came back from this place on Sunday, but we are already hoping to go back there again soon … at least I am already dreaming of going back there again … in summer if not in spring to enjoy its beautiful valley. I saw that they have many walking paths in the area … so it would be lovely to go back for a spring or summer walk and to stay at our favourite guesthouse.

Now …. what is so great about this place?

Ohhh … you will understand when you see the many photographs that I shall be sharing in the coming entries! Err … that is right, this is just a teaser entry, so I will share only a few photos lah! hehehe … 🙂 Because I will first have to share about our weekend stay at Val d’Hérens last week to celebrate our belated anniversary!

Okay … check out this place …

(As usual, feel free to move the pointer of your mouse on a picture to display background info or click to enlarge.)

This is the hotel that we stayed at on Friday night … Berghotel Schwägalp. We were so lucky to get the last room for Friday night (Saturday night was fully booked) because …

… it is located at the foot of Mount Säntis … the mountain top that I wanted to go onto as soon as I read about it on the Internet!

Of course, this hotel was nicely located just next to the cable car station that would take us up to the restaurant cum weather station/observatory tower at the top of Mount Säntis. Well, the cable car used to depart from the hotel itself (see the taller section of the hotel building on the first photo) before a new station was built a few metres away from it.

What is the view like from the top of Mount Säntis?

Ohhh … just some BREATHTAKING views of the mountains and valleys … that’s all! hehehe … 🙂

Actually … from the top of Mount Säntis, you can see not one, not two, not three, not four and not even five … but six countries — Germany, Italy, France, Lichtenstein, Austria and of course, Switzerland itself! Imagine that!

Of course, you need to know your geography of Europe well to be able to tell which country is where lah!  Which, naturally, I was incapable of, hehehe … until the hubby pointed them out to me! 🙂  Is such a view simply not incredibly beautiful?? Ahhhh … I already miss it!

But beside the superb view, the other reason why I wanted to stay there was that I was craving to go on …

… some snow walking at night!

The trail starts just beside the hotel and this night walk … where the trail is lit up with lanterns … is only available from Thursday to Saturday night from November until March. Last Friday was a full moon night, by the way! Unfortunately, we did not see any moon at all, only plenty of stars in the sky! Haizzz …

For our second night, we managed to book a room at this very inviting guest house … Gasthaus Passhöhe … upon our arrival in the hamlet! We were lucky, were we not?

The night trail ends here … for those who wish to have a meal at this guesthouse … before returning back to the hotel. So I was happy to have been able to do the night walk for the second time, starting from Gasthaus Passhöhe!

And what was the added bonus of staying at this beautiful hamlet?

With plentiful of snow … including fresh snow (in fact, it even snowed on our last day in the area ) … so …

… I not only got to walk on the powdery soft snow two days in a row  … (it felt like walking on flour!!) …

… I even got to lie and roll on it … the next day before we left!! hehehe … I lurveeee it! 🙂

Okay more photos of our stay in the area in the coming entries!!

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