Anniversary celebration at Val d’Hérens…

After celebrating our wedding anniversary last year in Malta (which was also supposed to be a birthday gift for the parents) … this year we did not go too far to celebrate our anniversary … just to a place about 2.5 hours away from Lausanne — the valley of Hérens (Val d’Hérens in French). Since both the hubby and I lurvee travelling … and lurveee the mountains … so it made sense to celebrate our anniversary up in the mountains lah! 🙂

Of course, the other reason was that I felt we ought to make use of the hotel card which I had just recently subscribed to … which entitles us to selected hotel stay for just half the price! Yup, yup … Instead of renewing my youth hostel card, this year I decided to register for hotelcard at a promotional price. And with just one night stay for our anniversary celebration, the discount that we received has already more than made up for the subscription fee that I paid for the hotel card membership … really worth it, right? So if you are living in Switzerland and have never heard of hotelcard, you can click here to find out out more about it.

Although it was just a short weekend getaway to celebrate our belated wedding anniversary … but with the beautiful weather that we were fortunate to have during the recent the weekend, we certainly had a lovely time staying at the small village of Les Haudères … spending the Saturday upon our arrival in the valley to do a spot of walking to the nearby village of Evolène (along the cross-country track and then along the road) and then on Sunday (before going home) we did a spot of snowshoeing higher up the mountains, in another valley, that of Arolla.

I was really startled by the beauty of this part of the valley and am therefore eager to share this experience! But … I am not going to talk too much about it for now lah! hehehe …I will share more about this beautiful valley and the many pictures that we took … after I will have shared about our excursions to Vallée de Joux over the previous weekend! 🙂

But here are some beautiful shots of the valley (with captions tagged), to whet your appetites in the meantime… 😉

An interesting and famous landscape .. pyramids of Euseigne … that we saw and had to pass through while travelling from the railway station in Sion to Les Haudères by postal bus. These rock formations were created at the end of the last ice age, when the glaciers retreated.

The hotel that we stayed in Les Haudères .. located just next to the bus interchange and aptly named … Hotel des Hauderes! :). As it was a low season, we were given a room on the second floor (far right) despite paying only half price … so we had a nice view.

A scenic view of the valley, as we made our slow walk through the village of Les Haudères along the (cross-country) ski track.

A close-up shot of the village of Evolène situated about 9km or 5 bus stops away from the village centre of Les Haudères, where we stayed.

Just one of the scenic views that one gets to enjoy when taking the yellow postal bus between Les Haudères and Arolla.

The village centre of Arolla … located at the slope of the mountain (of the same name).

Scenic mountain views during our raquette trip in the area … with a small chalet that has rows of lazy chairs for one to sit back and relax while enjoying the gorgeous mountain view. Although not very visible on this photo, there are (downhill) ski tracks around the area … including one that passes through between the chalet and the lazy chairs!

Another view of the ski slopes and the mountains closing the valley of Arolla: Mont Collon (3827m) and Pigne d’Arolla (3796m). As it was such a lovely sunny day, we were thus able to take some nice photos of the area … some nice souvenirs for our wedding anniversary, for sure! 🙂

More photos coming up soon in a future entry.

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3 thoughts on “Anniversary celebration at Val d’Hérens…

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  2. Hello Shinn, nice to know another fellow Singaporean living just a stone throw away. I hope you are enjoying your stay here and your study at the school (which I have passed by several times on our visits to Chalet à Gobet). Yes Val d’Herens is a lovely place to visit. And if you bring your parents all the way up to Arolla, there might still be snow up there during Easter. My hubby and I will be going to Arolla again this weekend (to do more raquettes) and will post more photos of the area after we are back. So you can check it out later, if you like.

    Another place of interest will be the Tulips festival in Morges. But you need to check out their website to find out if there is much (blooming tulips) to see during the Easter period. Admission is free and it is just a few minutes train ride away, so is worth to see.


  3. Hello there! I’m also a fellow Singaporean, in Lausanne as well! I’m currently studying at Ecole hoteliere de Lausanne, just came here in Sept 2011. Really glad to have chanced upon your blog. My parents may be coming over to Switzerland this coming Easter Break and I thought of bringing them to Val d’Herens, after I saw this post! Am glad that you loved the area and had a fun time together with your partner for anniversary celebration 🙂


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